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Heather And Terry Dubrow Sued By Attorney For Alleged ‘Extortion’ And ‘Harassment’

According to TMZReal Housewives of Orange County couple Heather and Terry Dubrow have been sued for allegedly extorting a lawyer after a business investment went awry.

According to the site, the couple claim several years ago their accountant and the accountant’s friend, attorney Steve Czik, came to Terry and Heather and said there was a woman who had a surefire business venture… renting property for the World Cup, but she needed seed money. The Dubrows claim the accountant and Czik convinced them to pay $1.75 million, and they’d get a great return on that investment. The Dubrows say their accountant and Czik said it was such a good deal that they agreed to guarantee the loan.

The woman never paid the Dubrows back, and they say their accountant and Czik refused to honor their guarantee, so Terry and Heather sued the woman, the lawyer and the accountant.

Cizik claims in a new lawsuit, Dr. Dubrow and Heather threatened him to pay up or they’d ruin him. Cizik claims he got an email warning, “Your photo will be published in every magazine and all over Instagram if you don’t pay us,” adding, “how f****** stupid are you?” The email went on, calling him a “lying scum sucking ass****.” He is also citing harassment and defamation.

If you’ll recall, earlier this year Heather Dubrow openly shared that she and her husband Terry had been swindled out of $1.75 million dollars in a scam that involved three people – Jennifer Lindsay Bell, their “accountant” Gary Hoffman, and attorney Steve Czick. The Dubrows are currently suing all three (last we heard Jennifer is still hiding out in the UK), reports RealityTea.

Heather and Terry went public a few months back, sharing their story even offering up reward money for help with the case. They had some leftover cash from the sale of their home and wanted to invest it. They were presented with a “no-brainer” investment by helping Jennifer Lindsay Bell with seed money for a rental gig for the World Cup, which Heather has said was then personally guaranteed by Gary Hoffman and attorney Steve Czick. The deal went bad and Jennifer Lindsay Bell fled – and also had her Christmas ruined when they went public. The poor dear. There’s still a warrant out for her.

Heather shared on her podcast a few months ago that she has all the proof that Czick was involved and guaranteed they’d get their money back, which he denies. She also previously shared that he was trying to avoid answering the lawsuit.  “Steve Czick the attorney who also personally guaranteed our loan is denying, publicly, any involvement. He is such a liar.”  Heather says they have “everything” as far as records. “I have his signature, we have the records. Terry put a thing on Rip-off Report and the attorney put a comment, ‘this is not true. I had no involvement in this’.  It’s a lie. He personally guaranteed the loan, he defaulted and he lied and he’s not paying us back.  And the court has sanctioned him in our lawsuit against him. In my opinion, I think he’s gonna lose his license from the bar. And honestly, I think he deserves it.”

These three are also allegedly involved in swindling many others out of millions of dollars, says Heather.

Photo Credit: Bravo