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Gina Liano Dishes On #RHOMelbourne Season 3 Reunion: “There Were A Couple Of Big Fights. It’s Definitely Explosive”

Gina Liano is sharing some juicy details about the upcoming Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 Reunion special. The glamours barrister tells NW Magazine that in a shocking outburst, Jackie Gillies reveals what really went on with Lydia Schiavello and Shane Warne!

“Jackie says that Lydia did this and that with Shane and that it put her in a really compromising position,” says Liano.

“We got some really good things out and nutted out some other things which had been lurking,” says Gina. “I liken it to dysfunctional counselling – because Alex Perry is nothing like a counsellor! And there were a couple of big fights. It’s definitely explosive!”

Gina teases what fans can expect from the 90 minute reunion special and breaks it down. Check it out below! (courtesy via NW Magazine)


Susie McLean comes for her old “friend” Lydia, adding a shocking update to the Shane Warne saga. “Susie’s got a lot to say and I think she makes some good points,” says Gina. “Susie really goes for it with Lydia, they had a big falling out. You’ll hear quite a bit from her.”


There aren’t many people Lydia hasn’t upset this season. “Jackie, Susie, Janet and Chyka were all giving it to her,” reveals Gina. “Lydia cops a thrashing about Shane Warne and Jackie says Lydia’s husband was ringing her when it was going on.

So I said to Jackie, ‘If you respect her husband, I think you should pull back on what you’re saying, because that’s damaging.’ Jackie started crying and said, ‘I feel terrible now.’ ”


Things have been fraught between them ever since newlywed Gamble attacked Gina for ditching drinks and going back to her room to watch Celebrity Apprentice the night before Gamble’s wedding. And it all comes to a head at the reunion when Gamble questions Gina about their friendship. “We do have a few words,” Gina teases.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that’s not how Gina saw it when Gamble turned up to the reunion wearing the same shoes as her! “Gamble has mimicked me since last season. When I first met Gamble, she was shabby-chic and she’s slowly evolved into a mini-me,” Gina spills. “If I wear a sequined dress, she’ll turn up wearing one with blingy necklaces and shiny shoes. I don’t think she owned a pair of shiny shoes before I met her. My shoes were from my range, she’s not wearing Gina Liano shoes.”


“Janet was talking about friendships and it had nothing to do with Pettifleur, but she jumps up and makes it about herself,” Gina recalls.

“I was like, ‘Sit down, you idiot!’ She was actually taunting Janet a little bit and nearly got a slap!”

“She was driving me mad, she just didn’t shut up,” says Gina. “I had to say to her, ‘Pettifleur, I can’t hear what other people are saying. It’s like trying to watch the TV and you’ve got the radio blaring!’

And she, of course, cried at some stage. I can’t even remember what she cried about, because in my mind I just wanted to smack her!”

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The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season 3 Reunion airs on Sunday, May 15 at 8.30pm on Arena

Source/Photo Credit: NW Magazine, Arena