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Get To Know ‘The Real Housewives Of Auckland’ — The #RHOAKL Ladies Teases What Fans Can Expect In New Series!

As we previously reported, the cast of The Real Housewives of Auckland were revealed during the live launch of Bravo New Zealand. The #RHOAKL cast consists of six women: Angela Stone, Ann Batley-Burton, Gilda Kirkpatrick, Julia Sloane, Louise Wallace and Michelle Blanchard. The cast tease fans what they can expect from the new series and learn more about the cast below!

In this exclusive Scout video, the Kiwi Housewives dish and tease the fans what they can expect from the new series. Angela Stone said "lot's of spice and excitment" while Louise Wallace said "lot's of glamour." Meanwhile, Ann Batley-Burton, also known as "The Champagne Lady" said lots of "fun" and "champagne:"

Learn more about the #RHOAKL cast members below!

Angela Stone
Divorced, three children, lives in Newmarket

Angela is a fun, focused and creative fashion designer, stylist, author, lifestyle guru and mother. Along with her own wine label and her work as an international speaker on fashion and styling, Angela runs her own successful stylist service company which is based in both Auckland and her home town of Christchurch.

Anne Batley Burton
Married, lives in Parnell with her husband Richard

The self-declared “Champagne Lady”, Anne is an importer of champagne and French wine. In 2007, the former ballroom dancing champ was made a Dame of Champagne. She is an animal advocate and the recipient of the SPCA Assisi Award. She founded the New Zealand Cat Foundation to de-sex and care for stray and community cats. She owns an olive oil estate in Huapai with her husband, and a home in France.

Gilda Kirkpatrick
Divorced, two children, lives in Paritai Drive

Known for being queen of Auckland’s social scene, Iranian-born Gilda lives in the famous “wedding cake” house on Paritai Drive with her two young sons, Lucan and Kyan, and two dogs. She owns and runs Rascals, an inner-city advertising and PR agency. Once dubbed the “Princess of Paritai”, she was formerly married to self-made property tycoon James Kirkpatrick. She is a gourmet cook, a prolific dinner party host, a talented artist and a designer with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Last year, she debuted her new venture as a children’s book author, with her first book of a long-running series: The Astarons: Cosmic Guardians which she produced in conjunction with astrophysicists from Auckland University. She has been invited to attend book fairs around the globe.

Julia Sloane
Married, two children, lives in Parnell

Author, businesswoman, athlete and former model, Julia is a familiar face in upmarket Parnell. Julia has recently remarried and is a mother of two teenagers, Dunbar, 15, and Ella, 13, as well as a successful children’s author - she has penned six. Julia is further developing a successful online database for jobseekers with her brother. Her former husband, auctioneer Dunbar Sloane, remains a good friend and visits Julia and her investment banker husband at his award-winning vineyard in Matakana.

Louise Wallace
Married, two children, lives in Paritai Drive

A 30-year veteran television broadcaster and trained actor, Louise is best-known to local television viewers as the presenter of flagship current affairs shows, 60 Minutes and 20/20. Louise has also worked as a journalist in radio, print and as a field director for reality television. She has been married to advertising man Scott for 33 years. The couple share a palatial Paritai Drive home and have two adult children, Ashley, 24, and Guy, 21. A trained actor, Louise founded Tadpole Theatre Productions on the North Shore. She played the lead role in two of Tadpole’s plays as well as appearing in a number of local primetime TV drama series.

Michelle Blanchard
Married, two children, lives in Coatesville

A former fashion model who hails from England who has been turning heads on the Auckland social scene for years. It was while holidaying in New Zealand that she first met her husband of 16 years, David Blanchard, former director of the family company Good Health Products. The couple have two children, Curtis, 14, and Christelle, 12. She sports a love of fast cars (she drives a Maserati Ghilbi) and high fashion.

The Real Housewives of Auckland is set to premiere sometime in August only on Bravo New Zealand!

Source/Photo Credit: Scout, Bravo New Zealand