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Chyka Keebaugh Says Jackie Gillies Isn't To Blame For Her Feud With Lydia Schiavello!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh dishes on Season 3 finale of RHOMelbourne and shares her thoughts on her sit-down with Lydia Schiavello.

Chyka writes:

"So here it is…the last episode of the season. Can you believe it is nearly finished?

We start tonight with Pettifleur and her sister Gillian walking around the tan. The atmosphere was still a little awkward, but I feel that PF wants to mend her relationship with her sister. She listened to what her sister had to say the last time they caught up and her reasoning for some of the things that were said made sense. Sisters are so important and I know how special my relationship is with my sister, so I’m glad they have moved forward together.

Lydia has organised a birthday lunch for her gorgeous mum Lina and even surprised her with the donkeys that she wished for. Poor Figaro didn’t look so happy - maybe that’s because of the headdress? Rumour gate continues and we will get to that later, but Jackie certainly did not cause any of the problems. I loved Gina’s straight up no nonsense talk to Lydia. We all hear things about each other and it’s your decision if you want to let it go and ignore or repeat! As I’ve said before and I’ll say again - I always support the girls - plenty has been mentioned to me about lots of people and I never repeat a word of it! Why cause trouble? You are the only person responsible for your behaviour. I hope now that Gina has told Lydia what she thinks she may be a little more careful in the future.

Susie has decided to have a reading from Jackie and I know feeling a little nervous and scared about what she might hear. Jackie is incredible and I have been lucky enough to have many readings from her in the past and she is always spot on. I feel blessed to have her as a friend and always having my back. Susie becomes quite emotional with Jackie telling her so many amazing things about her grandparents, and about her being an incredible mother. I sincerely hope Susie finds her man because she wants to love and be loved. She has so much to offer and I know it will all work out for her. I loved watching this scene as it was so heartfelt, emotional and positive.

It’s the night of Gina's perfume launch and I’m so excited for her. Poor Josh and the dress - when he walked back in with the dress crushed and not steamed my heart melted for him. He is a great guy and I think has been made to look a bit daft, but God love him. Gina’s launch is at Chadstone and some of the girls have been able to go. We were all invited however I couldn’t go because of work, but we did do the event so I felt I was there in spirit.

Pettifleur talks to Susie and Gamble about how unhappy she still is from the Glasshouse dinner with Lydia. Susie then tells Lydia what was said. Hmm, this never seems to work so I’m not sure what will happen to their relationship but am confident that we will find out soon enough. Gina arrives on the arms of two gorgeous guys and takes to the microphone to say her thank you’s to everyone that has helped her - poor Josh was forgotten and I think he was a little sad. Gina asks PF about her lipstick colour which I thought was amazing that no one had mentioned before.

Back at my place,  Chessie is helping me get ready for the dinner that night with all the girls. We haven't all seen each other since the Glasshouse and I know there are major dramas happening between all the girls! Gee won’t dinner be so much fun! Chessie gave me some advice on what to wear and I explain to her that Lydia and I are going to catch up before all the other girls arrive. It’s taken awhile for this to happen and I am glad that we can finally sort this out. It was important to me that this was done without the other girls as sometimes they tend to jump in and the conversation goes off course. I don't expect an apology but I do want to explain to Lydia how I feel and listen to what she has to say.

Lydia arrives and we finally have 'the chat'. She declares that Jackie has changed me and that she is the reason that we are having a problem. I am a big girl and make my choices and decisions as I have been doing for the last 47 years. So no, Jackie is not the problem. What upset me was that Lydia was talking about all of us and it hurt. The feeling that I can't trust someone is a horrible feeling and is not the basis for a great friendship. I am also a great believer in moving forward, so the fact that we have both start afresh is a relief. That, I can do!

Jackie and Lydia need to work a few things out and I hope they can, but I am looking forward and moving on. The other girls arrive at dinner and the restaurant was beautiful. The view was incredible and the conversation at the table was hysterical. Lydia and I arrive at the table and I am happy to see all the girls. We explained that we had talked through our differences. Jackie felt that we had been talking about her and I suggested that the two of them need to catch up. Jackie is furious and I know we are in for a very stormy night. Jackie starts repeating some of the things Lydia has said about all the girls and you could have heard a pin drop. We were all shocked.

Lydia says that she has never met Susie's first husband and yet Susie says Lydia and her whole family was there! OMG - how can you forget that? I’ve been to plenty of weddings in my life; I remember them all! Jackie is getting angrier as Lydia is pushing her buttons and I was a bit surprised with what Jackie said. I'm not sure what happened on the night Jackie was talking about so I'm not sure it was the right time or place to bring it up. Lydia is under attack from all the girls and everyone has an issue with her. Pettifleur has even jumped in and declared her as a bad friend. I'm not sure why Lydia can't just listen to what the girls have to say and apologise.

We all make mistakes, some more than others and it looks like this dinner is going pear shaped! I don't think we will be getting dessert tonight! Is there any chance of some of these friendships every repairing? Who knows! And that my friends, is the end of season 3.

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