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Cary Deuber: “I Did Not Know LeeAnne Locken And Tiffany Hendra Were Outside Fighting Like Two Girls From Bad Girls Club”

Cary Deuber is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Cary Deuber thinks LeeAnne Locken is a wounded woman - but that those wounds make her stronger. And she dishes on Mark's Botox.

Cary writes:

"Welcome to Episode 5!

Hope you all had a wonderful week and thank you for your love and support! This cocktail party turned car accident went from bad to worse. I did not know LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra were out-side fighting like two girls from Bad Girls Club but apparently that happened. SO glad I stayed inside because I’m sure I would have tried to break it up. I hate fighting! Inside, I was trying to talk Stephanie Hollman off a ledge by using my sarcastic humor. I feel like we do that a lot in medicine. Humor heals the soul and helps you get through things with a smile that would otherwise produce tears.

When Tiffany came back in, I was still reeling from champagne being thrown on my dress and glass shattering in front of me. I’m glad I didn't have to sew anyone up! I was concerned about my dress but it went to the cleaners and is no worse for the wear. Tiffany’s apology was a nice thought. However, I don’t really think you can apologize for someone else’s behavior. It wasn't Tiffany’s fault. I do however appre-ciate the fact that she knew her friends behavior was inappropriate and cared enough about us to say she was sorry. Maybe she was just sorry to be associated with it…I know I was embarrassed to be there.

So what’s up with the Switzerland talk? Well, Mark was born in Zurich; even though he moved to the US when he was very young, he spent most of his summer’s in Switzerland. It was so special for him and he wants that for all of the kids and me. We are going for a month this summer and I can’t wait! My stepdaughter will be in a Swiss camp for part of the time and my step-son is doing a film internship in London and will be meeting us in Switzer-land. It will be so nice to have all three kids there! We are going to Arosa, St. Moritz and Zurich. I’m sure we will look at some real estate while we are there...Our problem is that we love hotel living and a house can be a lot of upkeep, but if we find the right one…you never know!?!

It was awkward to see Tiffany and LeeAnne the morning after crazy town! I tried to say hello and be friendly with LeeAnne, but she initially ignored me. I felt badly for both of them. It is hard to fight with your friends. I know how that feels and I’m sure LeeAnne is ashamed of her behavior. I think LeeAnne is a wounded woman, as many of us are…It is hard to go through life without getting beat up by it. I always think of that when I’m interacting with my children. I never want them to have any of those wounds that are so easily given. I know there is no way to prevent them entirely but as a parent, you try. Wounds do make you stronger. I know I am a much stronger woman for them, but it does suck when you are going through the dark times.

My sweet hubby…I love the new dress that he got me to “replace" the old one. Any excuse for him to dress me! It is so sweet that he buys me dress-es but I look at everything and wonder how much it costs! It stresses me out! I hate spending money. I’m a total money hoarder. When I was single, I spent next to nothing and saved a ton, which was great because it helped us purchase our home. It pays to be frugal. Mark will only let me give him Botox like twice a year. If I have a little left over I will try and give it to him…He hates the injections! I’m sure everyone is going to think I’m always picking on him but he eggs me on! Mark is the mastermind behind our whole operation! Don’t you worry people…He rules the roost and me! He is the love of my life, wrinkles and all!!"

What do you think about Cary’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo