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Brandi Redmond Says She Was ‘Embarrassed’ And ‘Heartbroken’ Over Her Husband’s Behavior!

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond wanted to get out her poms and cheer for Tiffany Hendra and was heartbroken by her husband's behavior.

Brandi writes:

"Hi Everyone,

I just want to say thank you for allowing us into your homes and seeing our crazy RHOD journey. I feel as if you all are apart of us now as much as we are apart of you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love hearing your thoughts and love for the show.

Okay, so I have to admit when I think of Tiffany Hendra I think of harmonious, peacemaker and a Godly woman especially now that I really know her. I was shocked to see LeeAnne Locken feel as if Tiffany did not have her back. Tiffany always goes over and beyond to make excuses for Leeanne and her behavior. I had no idea what was going on outside but I wanted to break out my poms and cheer for Tiffany standing up for herself. Way to go Tiffany, I know that it can be hard when you love and care for someone so much and Tiffany truly does this when it comes to Leeanne. They have a very unique friendship and sometimes I don’t get it but that’s what we do when we love. We forgive, forget and move on. Tiffany just wanted everyone to get along and I appreciated her apology because I do know she had good intentions.

The aftermath of LeeAnne’s behavior left the room buzzing and of course Stephanie shaking and in tears. I think if some people weren’t afraid of Leeanne, they are now. Just saying, it’s hard to be rational with someone that reacts in an irrational way. Her statement about being Christian but sometimes Carny was classic, so now I will ask her, are you going to be a Christian or a Carny towards me today?

Now that I just laughed out loud…Moving on to my family. Having my family come together under one roof was so sweet and surreal. Life is too short and family is the most important thing so always forgive, love and nurture what God has given you. What brought me to tears though was a letter that I received from my step grandmother after they departed and that was that she had been praying for us all to come together for years and that there hearts were filled with so much joy. Prayers answered and God is good.

I will say I was so excited and nervous about the family time coming together and Bryan didn’t make me feel important in that moment. I felt embarrassed and heartbroken. Having to watch what already hurt was difficult and I became emotional all over again. I also cannot tell you how many times Travis apologized for not dragging him there. He wasn’t aware that they hadn’t met before. But either way, I don’t blame anyone but Bryan for his actions and attitude. Bryan is a very focused man and sometimes it gets the best of him. He puts up a wall sometimes to block out things that seem to be difficult. For example, for the longest time he didn’t want me to get us a dog because he didn’t want to become attached to something and then it pass away on us. I believe meeting my grandfather was a similar feeling and situation for him. I think in some way we all relate to the devastation that comes with a loss or not wanting to say goodbye. I know he loves me and wants me to be happy so he supported, but not in a nurturing way. Thank God I had my brother Scooter, my sister in law Kriseyda and Stephanie by my side to lift me up and stay focused on the blessing that was at hand. After the barbecue we all stayed up for hours laughing and telling stories while drinking Jesus Juice. Again, I am so thankful and blessed. Cheers, Y’all!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo