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Brandi Redmond Says LeeAnne Locken Is A ‘Bitch’ And A ‘Bully’

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond talks about her grandfather, her friendship with Stephanie Hollman, and her true feelings about LeeAnne Locken.

Brandi writes:

"Here we go again with kids and all…anyone with children know the challenges of just trying to be on time for anything and everything. This trip to Coweta, Oklahoma is double the trouble but so much fun and was so worth it. Children bring so much laughter and love but at the same time can be a headache when you’re just trying to accomplish getting in the car. The puppy was also not helping the situation and allowed me to get a quick workout in before we hit the road.

Brooklyn grabbed a backpack to use for the trip, which I had not cleaned out since the last use. Hey it's mom life and if she had been using for school, I absolutely would have cleaned out. The thermos had old Gatorade that clearly was “nastified.” I just can’t believe she thought it tasted like Jesus Juice. I have never tasted anything even close to that science project. Being a mom you always run across crazy moments such as these and I look at life with eyes of faith that all things happen for a reason, you can learn, laugh, and move on. Otherwise I would be beating myself up and not be a healthy nurturing mother.

We arrive in Coweta four hours later and I have to admit if you blink you miss this precious town. I love Stephanie’s family. They have literally been a second family to us since I met Steph. Even her sister Tiffany is like a sister to me and I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids when she married Tyler. This family represents pure perfection when it comes to a hallmark commercial or card. They are so sweet, giving and have hearts of gold. I would never expect anything less after first meeting Stephanie. I grew up not ever having my family come together to gather around a table for a meal so it did make me feel a bit uncomfortable that I had been missing out on such beautiful memories. However, the Hays family always makes me feel right at home with open arms. I also want to thank them for their kindness and love for making me apart of their family. I love you Susan, Frank, and Tiffany. Stephanie already knows how much I love her. Lol

Talking to my grandfather for the first time gave me so many emotions. It’s difficult to explain but I think it’s important for you to know that my mom was very sick and almost lost her life so saying that sincere thank you to my grandfather was for that reason. He reached out to her and my father when she was battling for her life and I believe it shocked us all. People deserve grace and second chances and sometimes when we least expect something, God gives us more than we know.

Moving on to Marie’s cocktail party, I adore Marie and her family. I wanted nothing more than to have a fantastic time at her party. I knew going into the party that LeeAnne had been gossiping about me, over exaggerating my hat by having her best friend Cynthia Smoot write a article that portrayed me negatively when in fact, nobody would have known had she not gossiped. The line was crossed when she took my friends to lunch to not be friends with me. That is ridiculous and so immature.  I try to teach my kids to be friends with everyone and never leave anyone out.  So I called her a bitch and I meant it. I will say that the act was that of a bitch and that’s that and I’ll move on from that. I was not worried about LeeAnne and her superior attitude. It’s about giving back to our community not belittling people to make yourself feel more important.

When Tiffany pulled LeeAnne over to talk to me I was not ready to speak to her. Had she actually reached out to me, maybe but she hadn’t and her comment was false. She also stated that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut which is actually quite opposite. I know trash on people around town because of her own mouth, not mine. Besides, she says I know no one, so how would I know these rumors if it weren’t for the Mouth of the South. Her reaction to me calling her out on her gossip was priceless because she didn’t want me to say what she had been spreading - and that’s a fact. I think she reacted the way that she did because she knew if I said it, it would call her out in front of everyone in the room. So let’s just yell in Stephanie’s face because she has nothing to do with this. #Bully"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo