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Tiffany Hendra Thinks Brandi Redmond's ‘Poop’ Hat Was Hysterical!

Tiffany Hendra is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany Hendra dishes about her friendship with LeeAnne Locken, Dallas social life, and what she really thought of Brandi Redmond's hat. Tiffany writes:

"WooHoo! We made it through the official first week of being a Housewife and what a surreal, wild, pinch, "no hands mom" experience. I hope you all are buckled up for this fun ride with us! As you can see, we do not take ourselves too seriously and enjoy life to the fullest. It was so fun to watch episode 2 and seeing all the photos of LeeAnne and I back in our modeling days made me literally LOL! Actually, when I first worked with her I couldn't stand her. We were booked on a commercial on the beach in Galveston, TX and I thought she was too loud, too obnoxious and too needy for attention. I was about 17 going on 35 and wanted to be seen as mature and professional. My thoughts were like "girl, you are beautiful- you don't have to try so hard!!” I actually told our booking agent to NEVER book me with her again. SMH. Cut to a year or so later, we were both on a big modeling job together in Mexico City and I was her through different eyes. I saw this beautiful, but fragile and broken little girl who needed a friend. We had a lot in common and both hid behind tough exteriors. We let down our walls and became instant friends eventually moving to Dallas together in 1994 for our modeling careers.

Now, LeeAnne is semi-retired from the modeling and acting world so she has the time to pour her energy into charity. She's still loud and can channel it for good and supporting the Dallas community. It's better to be "too" this or that than to be boring, beige, and blah. Just sayin! I'm still figuring out how to navigate in the vast charity world of Dallas. It's like nothing I ever experienced in LA. Growing up in church and my family being involved in mission work, I was taught that you help without needing to get recognition for it. I have close wealthy friends in Dallas who have donated to causes I'm involved with, but chose to remain anonymous. That is admirable, but I've seen LeeAnne bring massive awareness to charities in Dallas over the few years I've been here and I admire that as well. As long as the charity benefits, does it really matter the method?

Like I mentioned, I'm still trying to find my place in the Dallas social and charity world. I cannot be out every night at an event! I mean, have you seen my husband? I’d rather be at home with him curled up in bed binge watching Netflix or episodes of RHOBH. I'm a quality over quantity kinda gal and am more selective of the events and charities I get behind. My heart really has to be behind it. In my first blog, I spoke about the eating and drinking in Dallas being a sport and it's actually more strenuous than my quarterly parties at the Playboy mansion. SERIOUSLY! I would have time to recoup, but here in Dallas you really have to build up your party stamina. Some women are total rock star charity event attendees. At first, I felt judged because I couldn't make it to every event, but quickly realized I had to "do me" and if someone got pissed off that I declined their invite - well, that's their problem. I don't go to charity event to be seen or to party; I go to support the cause. Period.

On a positive note about the charity events, I have met the most loving and generous women here. It's so refreshing to be around strong Southern women after living in LA for so long. For years, I had heard LeeAnne talk about the Mad Hatter's event. I could not wait to experience it first hand and WOW- it far exceeded my expectations. THESE HATS! It's like walking into wonderland. These women hire designers and spend a small fortune on their hats. I've seen a live gold fish in a tank as a hat, our friend Candy wore her green parrot on her hat and the 2015 winner Carmen had the entire map of Paris on her head which was probably a 6' radius. I know her neck was wrecked after that. So, for Brandi to actually come up with the hilarious and creative concept of "Paris Gardens" where supposedly people do not pick up after their dogs- well, HYSTERICAL! Plus, she made it herself with a glue gun. I thought it was for shock effect and she achieved it. She had everyone whispering and gossiping about it. Honestly, if LeeAnne and Brandi weren't at odds from what happened at Marie's then I doubt this would have been such a big deal. LeeAnne has such a fun, offbeat sense of humor and she would have thought it was ridiculously funny. I have to confess. I was a co-conspirator with Cary and the fake poop on LeeAnne's chair. I saw her put it there and I could have moved it, but I thought it was funny! This event is all about whimsical, in your face, over the top fun- so lighten up ladies. At the end of the day, money was raised, everyone had fun, the hats were amazing so does it really matter?

This topic gets me a bit worked up and sometimes I wonder if Dallas is really for us. There are so many things I love about it, but the competition is off-the-chain. You would think that living in LA auditioning against everyone would feel more competitive, but no. Aaron is a foreigner in many ways not just being an Aussie. Even being an artist isn't all that accepted in a world of- "so what do you do?” UGH- the heat is going up my neck just thinking about the judgment. I can see why he is hesitant to put down roots here in Dallas. He wanted me to have a fuller life and be closer to my friends and family, but I equally want him to be happy and thrive. With any big move, it's an adjustment and he's picking up momentum and can drive to Nashville in less than a day. Happy wife, happy life- but this wife can't really be happy if her man isn't happy. This sucks sometimes, but Dallas is full of opportunity so I'm praying hard and keeping my fingers crossed. Wish us luck!

I would love to connect with you on Twitter @TiffanyHendra. Tell me what you think of episode 2!

The love and support is so appreciated. It's wild to put your life out there so all the positivity has been a blessing. (Any haters can "talk to the palm" LOL)

Love, Tiff"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo