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Sonja Morgan Says She's Grown Closer To Luann de Lesseps And Reacts To Ramona Singer's Comments About Her Drinking!

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Carole Radziwill dishes on Season 8 premiere episode and thinks Bethenny Frankel is back in full force. Sonja writes:

"What does that mean, dating and skating? Not sure I've heard that before. Ramona dating is like me starting all over--but vicariously through her. It's kinda fun for me to watch her experimenting. Those over-the-knee boots were hot! Oh and the situation where she forgets Avery’s friend is the perfect example of Ramona always forgetting people she has met and sometimes has met over and over. It’s just Ramona, and you can’t take it personally, because she does it to everyone.

I was thinking to myself, "I’m all alone. Why doesn’t Lu come stay with me?" I have many girlfriends who live elsewhere in the world who stay with me, and it works out well because then I stay with them! I love traveling to visit close friends. You get real intimate time with them, while learning new things about other people's lifestyles. I love it!

Having said that, I am still really having a hard time adjusting to my daughter being away. We are very close, and she is my pride and joy, so to be at a distance is hard. She is thriving with all that boarding school offers and all that she can’t get in the city, so it makes me happy—but it doesn’t alleviate the sadness I feel. It really has been sporadic with no set dinner time or meeting her after school for snack and catch up. My schedule is caput now as I set my own business schedule outside my townhouse and get to do a lot of my mettings at home, so it's not structured. I miss catching up with my daughter over meals, and I’m losing weight not eating. So I’m putting a lot of miles on my car to go visit! The whole thing is unsettling.

I’ve been getting closer to Luann, and it feels great. We have been friends a long time now. More than 10 years. Not as long as my other seemingly lifelong friends, but she is actually my longest new friend since my divorce. Can you imagine? It’s hard to make new friends like that. We met when we were both splitting up with our exes and something gets us through this sorority sister madness. Says a lot.

New titties, new clothes and new balls. Great lunch with Bethenny and Ramona. Ha! That’s the problem with having to get a guy out of your bed--puts a damper on the whole experience, especially since they never want to leave! Good one, B. I love Ramona being concerned with being associated with ME. I’ve been defending her embarrassing behavior for decades (when she is drinking and when she’s not drinking--that’s even worse, LOL).

I cringed at the flashback to Dorinda in Turks and Caicos. I hate when that happens! Like when I was so upset with the girls in Atlantic City on top of everything I was dealing with and went OFF THE RAILS. I really just wanted to cry on a shoulder and ended up defending myself (over and over as the repeater)! It’s hard in large groups of friends when you need to nuzzle up with a friend, and you just get static or hit a wall with friend after friend.

I’m so happy Ramona was able to do what was right for her daughter and just move on with Mario. To hold on to money and haggle in divorce is never a way to live in the moment. You are always in a holding pattern. And…its aging! I’m speaking from experience as I never waited for the other shoe to drop in my divorce. Obviously it isn’t aging Ramona. She looks better then ever.

Is it me or was Bethenny channeling Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City with the wind-blown hair? The way the layers are spiked out on the edges. That seafood platter at Catch has my name on it. I’m running there this coming weekend. If I get the gumption to go downtown. LOL. OMG Bethenny is on a tear right out of the box this season. Ninety miles an hour ripping you a new one. She is cutting no one any slack. Last season was obviously just a warm up. “All roads lead to dry cleaning” – The Big B
On the subject of hair, I love Bethenny's new haircut and for a skinny bitch, Jules has a healthy head of hair.

R2D2? Seriously? –Michael Wainstein.
See you next week guys. This is just the beginning."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo