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Scheana Shay Says She And Ariana Madix Aren't Best Friends Anymore!

The drama between Vanderpump Rules stars Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix continues. After the two made up during the Season 4 finale, their issues came back to light during the show's reunion special. Madix confronted Shay about texting her mom and even thought the two 'resolved' their issues, according to Scheana, the two are no longer besties.

After Part 2 pf the #PumpRules reunion aired last week,  E! News caught up with Kristen Doute and Scheana Shay after the drama unfolded on air, and even they were shocked by what went down during the reunion.

Kristen couldn't get over "the way that Ariana [Madix] treated Scheana," she said. Scheana agreed, saying she thought she and Ariana "were in such a good place for months" leading up to the taping.

"I was sending her song lyrics and just being so apologetic," said Scheana, who previously texted Ariana's mom and bashed her and her boyfriend Tom Sandoval (she's been trying to redeem herself since then). "I even borrowed her shoes for the reunion. I was talking to her until 3 a.m. the night before the reunion...and then she just whips her phone out, came out me so hard, and she tried to say she didn't plan that, but I saw when she pulled her phone out. She swiped and it was right there, so she planned that the whole time and that was so upsetting to me."

Scheana reveals that she was blindsided and sad that her former bestie came for her during the reunion and reveals hasn't talked to Ariana since taping the reunion.

"We actually haven't spoken since then. I don't think it's something she'll ever apologize for. I will always love her and care about her and wish her the best. I just guess we're not best friends anymore."

Kristen admitted that Ariana is "just not my kind of people," and that makes it tougher to get along with Tom (Kristen's ex and Ariana's current beau). "I don't want to be friends with either of them," Kristen clarified. "I don't think it's appropriate for Tom and I to be friends—I think there's way too much history and too much damage has been done that I just don't see how we could be friends, but it would be nice to be cordial, and cordial is not ignoring each other in a group setting, cordial is being polite and warm and friendly, and Tom is able to be that way when Ariana's not around."

Photo Credit: Bravo