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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Stars Jackie Gillies And Pettifleur Berenger Get Into A Heated Twitter Battle!

Jackie Gillies and Pettifleur Berenger are taking their feud to Twitter following this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. During the cast trip to Dubai, Pettifleur and Jackie got into a heated conversation and the two accused each other of being 'mean girls.'

This season, Jackie and Pettifleur have not been seen eye-to-eye, especially when the property developer Berenger was seeking Gillies help to help her locate her son's birth certificate via her psychic abilities, however Gillies refused to help Berenger due to previous issues.

Then, a scene was shown of Berenger and co-star Lydia Schiavello accusing Gillies of having bad energy, shortly after Gillies took to Twitter and called her co-stars out which resulted in a Twitter feud between Berenger and Gillies.

Even co-stars Gamble Breaux and Susie McLean got involved. Check it out below!

Then, Susie McLean was dragged into to feud when a viewer claimed that Susie instigated the heated fight in Dubai by telling Jackie that Berenger and Lydia were talking smack about her behind her back.

Next, Gillies called out Berenger when she accused her of being responsible of causing a drift between Gamble Breaux and Gina Liano, which Gamble stepped in and came into Jackie's defense.

Then, the fight went back to Susie vs. Pettifleur

Then, the fight went back between Jackie and Pettifleur. Pettifleur accused Jackie of using her fans to attack her on social media, however Gillies fired back!

The heated exchanged later became about a piano that Berenger purchased a few episodes back.

These girls sure know how entertain us, which is the reason why I love my Aussie Housewives. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm only on Arena!

Photo Credit: News Corp Australia