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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Jackie Gillies Hints At Possible Pregnancy — Is She Expecting?

Prior to the season three premiere of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the network Foxtel teased about a possible pregnancy on the hit reality series. Now that the season is half ways through, there hasn't been news about a possible baby on the way... until now!

During a recent interview, Jackie Gillies hinted that she may be expecting a baby with her rock star Silverchair drummer hubby Ben Gillies.

When asked by NW Magazine if she is planning to reveal the happy news soon, the 35-year-old psychic said: "We've still got the reunion - you never know!"

Jackie also dropped another hint that she could be expecting, responding with a "Maybe!" when asked by NW Magazine if her upcoming trip to Croatia with Ben was a 'babymoon.'

When asked if a pregnancy was something she’ll reveal this season, she said, "You never know!"

As for names, Jackie adds, "I’d like to name my daughter after my grandmother Eva."

Throughout the third season of the Foxtel hit reality series, Gillies has been considering the thought of expanding her family by having her first child with her husband Ben.

Back in January, we revealed a lists of reasons as to why we think Jackie is pregnant:

1. Jackie is the youngest of the cast, so out of all the ladies it makes the most sense (no offense to the rest of the ladies)

2. A few months back, in her Instagram photos she was seen photographed always surrounded by something or someone in front of her, covering her belly area. Check out her Instagram and her co-stars Instagram pages from a few months back with Gillies in the photos.

3. I know that these past few weeks, Jackie has been publishing photos of herself but they can always be photoshopped or be older photos as part of the plan to trick viewers believing she's not pregnant when in reality she is? Maybe her contract with RHOMelbourne forbids her of announcing it since it will be revealed in the finale or reunion? Guess we have to wait and see!

4. Her story line this season has been all about family. She's revealed that she feels pressured about having kids, especially from her mother as we saw during the second episode this season. She also feels like she's ready to be a mum.

5. We just want her and Ben to be parents because we think they will make the best parents ever, hello... did you see the babysitting episode? Nuff said!

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena.

Photo Credit: Foxtel