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Pettifleur Berenger Slams Her ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Co-Stars For ‘Attacking’ Her In Dubai — Calls Jackie Gillies A ‘Mean Girl’

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger thinks Gina Liano needs to be honest with Gamble Breaux and calls out Jackie Gillies "mean girl" behavior for interrupting her conversation with Lydia Schiavello. Pettifleur writes:

"Our arrival in Dubai was filled with excitement, high spirits and all smiles.

Chyka has organized some fun activities for us and we kick it off with welcome drinks at Nasimi Beach Club. I am feeling a bit emotional about leaving my younger sons at home, but hoping to have a great time with the girls.

As soon as Lydia and I arrived at the drinks, there was a surfeit of welcome for Lydia, she was looking stunning by the way, but none of the girls made eye contact with me and it made me feel discarded.

Let’s be honest, my outfit was super sheer; however I could have come butt naked and they would have missed it. I was really looking forward to just enjoying a good time with friends and leaving all our disputes behind us. I confide my feelings in private to Lydia, and I wanted it to stay with Lydia.

Jackie notices and questions the moment, even though I appreciate her concern, “thank you Jackie” I didn’t want it to be a discussion with all the women.

However to my utmost horror, Lydia decides to explain my feelings to the rest of the group. I cringed, as I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me. I know Lydia is coming from a good place, but I did whisper it to her.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that Jackie didn’t ask out of concern, by her comments later.  #nosuprise

The other girls react as expected “Are you upset really? I didn’t know anything had happened” Off course you wouldn’t Chyka. What really amuses me is that none of them are even slightly aware of their behaviour towards me.

It was nice of Chyka to say “Sorry we don’t want you to feel like that.” Here is the time I should have quit while I was ahead, however, I had a case of foot and mouth disease and stupidly replied “I am used to it.” No free tickets for me now I just blew the one handed to me by Chyka, One slip by me and all hell breaks loose.

To sum it up: the private moment with Lydia turns to crap for me, the girls continue obliviously.

Don’t know what planet Janet is on or is she delusional? She seems to think that she gives me attention and says to Chyka “doesn’t matter how much attention” Chyka agrees “it’s not enough”, I don’t recall asking for their attention or to blow smoke up my a**.

I am a super loyal friend and when Lydia says she tolerates me. Ouch!

What I really find difficult is that Gina says one thing to my face ” Don’t worry they are cows” and then her comments behind my back are opposite “where Pettifleur becomes hard work, because she is ultra sensitive when it comes to her and completely lacks sensitivity when it comes to other people.”

Seriously all I am doing is dodging bullets coming at me left, right and centre. What is she on about? I have no idea my little private moment will turn into a mass demolition.

This group of women feed each other’s brains with this rubbish and they all believe in the nonsense. They don’t seem to have a mind of their own. I have not demonstrated any need for their acknowledgement, I don’t need it! I have done well so far. Compliments, I got that covered, I give them to myself. Attention, I can’t help it if they give me attention and are bitter about it.

I make a sincere comment to Chyka that her lip is brighter and suddenly I have an obsession with her lips.
To be honest I really don’t care I just noticed her lips shining beautifully in the sun and looked brighter. I said it as a compliment, but what do you know I get hammered for making a simple comment.

Help me Lord, what am I to say in this group of women to make them happy. I feel I am constantly walking on eggshells. I don’t give Chyka any fashion advice she doesn’t need it she dresses beautifully. I don’t know what has become of Chyka, Perhaps too much of Jackie and Janet influence. When you lie with dogs you get fleas #justsaying.

Now we turn on to the Lydia and Chyka show. To be honest I don’t think Lydia was in competition with Chyka, she was obliviously speaking about her experiences. It was quite apparent that Chyka was getting agitated. Lydia says “Hey 25 years ago when I used to come here to supply furniture it was just a desert.” Chyka jumps in and say “25 years ago there would have hardly been a thing here.”

Yes Chyka that’s what Lydia just said and acknowledged it.

The show begins: It was embarrassing to watch and off course the support puppets jumps in blindly.
Perhaps I should have jumped in and said I had visited Dubai numerous times. Holy Sh** balls I may have ended up in the open sea or shark tank. Just the fact that Lydia said she goggled her answers tell me she was completely unaware that a competition had just began. I think Chyka has become very competitive and ultra sensitive.

The next day is filled with activities.

Lydia, Gina and Gamble meet with the sea Lion and the talk turns to me. They may as well sit in the courtroom and sentence me to hang. It seems like they have all developed a warped sense of a pack mentality towards me. My understanding towards Lydia is completely different on how she feels about me.
Gina says, “She always feels like she needs to be validated, it’s a bit of a burden. Why does everyone have to tell her she’s here, she looks good.”

Why are these women making up sh** I don’t recall asking them for their opinion.

I would have rocks in my head to ask them for compliments. So far they have called me a body builder, transgender, Russian dancer, slag, slut, drainer head, punish, needy, self-absorbed etc.

Have any of them looked at the mirror lately? They are talking to their reflection. I never asked for their validation they are confused and justifying their poor treatment of me.

I go with Susie and Janet to swim with Sharks. It was an out of this world experience. I am not keen to swim with Sting Rays and I dislike cold water and the water was freezing I get in and I am feeling a lot safer swimming with the sharks than with the sharks on land.

We were having so much fun, I grabbed Susie and Janet’s butts and scared the living daylights of out them.
However Janet sours what I thought was a really nice day with her back stabbing comment “Pettifleur is carrying on a bit, no more than usual.” It doesn’t matter what I say, someone is jumping on me, Wow.

After a great day and lots of sun we head to Ossiano for dinner. Soon after we sit down Janet rehashed the Gamble Gina feud once again and prompts Gamble to confront Gina about it.

Why doesn’t Janet let sleeping dogs lie? Does she have to be an instigator of bad blood?

No doubt Gamble is easily influenced and confronted Gina and once again the Gamgina Gate starts. Gamble is clearly needy, attention seeking and needing validation, yet Gina hones in on me, I thinks Gina’s judgment is misplaced.

The only one’s been dogs are Janet for bringing it up again and Gamble for giving up on a friendship with Gina and backstabbing her. As for the others fuelling the fire is disgraceful. Gamble says she feels pushed out/left out. I wonder how Gamble will feel walking in my shoes for a day around these women.

The women are fuelling Gamble and I try to neutralize the situation by asking Gamble to look at the positives things at her wedding.

But she takes a swipe at me, and then Janet can’t help herself and takes another swipe at me, ha-ha! That’s when I stumbled over my words and say a “village is missing an idiot.” Unfortunately Gamble doesn’t realize I am trying to help her.

Not one to miss out on a swipe at me Jackie, like Jack In the Box pops up and says “Sometimes when you insult people you are insecure within yourself.” Jackie is looking at herself in the mirror. We get into it again and she tries to throw a low blow thinking it’s going to upset me, instead she lowers herself a further notch.
“You’re not special”, who is Jackie to judge that? “I think you have forgotten from where you have come honey, were you a maid? Were you a housekeeper?” What’s wrong in being a maid or housekeeper, if it puts food on the table?

No Jackie, I was not a maid or housekeeper but if I was, I would have no issue with it. No doubt you have an issue with it. Shame! Did you ask me that because of the colour of my skin?

Jackie keeps cutting me off when I tried to tell her its not just a matter of waiting in line for 40 minutes, it is the fact that I am sentimental to the original issue date of my son’s Birth Certificate. As mothers we get attached to little things when it comes to our children.

I did stand in line, got my son’s birth certificate with an issue date of 2015 and he has travelled to France for his exchange and returned home.


Since this issue became public last week. A beautiful caring giving Psychic reached out to me via Facebook and helped me locate my son’s original Birth Certificate. Thank You! Kind people do exist in this world and I am forever thankful.

Susie is bored shitless and has nothing else to contribute so she decides instead of fair play; she will join the side of ‘majority rules’ and boot me in the gut. Susie says, “ I can empathise with Jackie, Pettifleur is belittling what she does, and almost making a mockery of it really.” Seriously Susie, are you done with Lydia and on to hurt me now?

Why would I ask Jackie to help find my son’s birth certificate if I did not believe in her work?

However I am very skeptical now since Jackie refused Gamble and me for her help. If I had known it would cause so much stress, I would never have mentioned it to Jackie.

Jackie is surprised I call her a mean girl. Let me explain Jackie the definition of a mean girl – You ostracize me from the group by ganging up against me with the help of your support team, laugh at me with them, make fun of me with them, turn your back on me with them, roll your eyes, snicker, the list goes on.

You ostracize Lydia from the group and you have gone after Gina and biased Gamble. With the help of your support group, that’s a pack mentality and mean girl behaviour. Divide and conquer. I just gave you the reason I call you a mean girl. Now look back at your behaviour and see how it fits. #Ijustgaveittoyou.

Gina, Lydia, Susie and I head off shopping, while Gamble joins the other girls to my utmost surprise. She is usually glued to Gina; I think she has got some false sense of attention by the other girls.

Unsuspectingly to me, the other group of girls are having digs at me and having a good laugh at my expense. #meangirls Jackie is mimicking me. The all talking Horse Sh** and rolling around like pigs in mud.

“Hope they are feeling proud of themselves”

Gamble and Gina say that I am hard work. I am finding a lot of backstabbing going on and it does not even match my actions. They all have the one mentality and it does not add up.

I am having a fabulous time shopping with the girls and I feel very relaxed around them. As Gina said I did look like an 8 year old in my mothers dress. But I was really digging that dress and wanted to order it in a smaller size, so I pranced around to make sure it looked good on me.

I have a rule when it comes to fashion. No matter what the price tag, the brand or how beautiful the dress looks, if it doesn’t look sharp and you don’t feel sharp, then don’t buy it. I like to take my time in whatever I buy to make sure it works on my body. It does not matter if it is $5.00 or $500.00

By the way I was having a blast shopping with the girls, we were having a few laughs trying on stuff and for the first time I actually enjoyed asking their opinion on my sunglasses and felt so much love that the girls took the time. I was feeling on top of the world.

Little did I know that dear Gina was having a meltdown because I was in that dress and trying on a few items, Gina describes me “The whole vibe, She’s got such an inflated idea about beauty, “I have seen enough of your ass, can you go and put it away now.”

I remember Gamble prancing in her lingerie, same girls shopping spree, having fun, however different reaction. Perhaps she did not like how I looked in that dress.

“Gina, I dress to feel and look my best and if I inspire anyone that’s a bonus”. Your opinion of why I dress the way I do is twisted. I don’t try to make you girls jealous. That is like wanting to be whipped butt naked.
I am not responsible for your thoughts on my dress sense. Remember bitter people think bitterly. They are not my thoughts.

The other girls are now having a go at Gina. Chyka is laughing her head off. Laughing and not saying anything makes you as guilty as saying something.

The other girls are having lunch and Gamble is feeling some love from her new found friends
Gamble is no doubt jealous of Lydia and my friendship with Gina. She confides in the girls that she feels pushed out by Gina. She is sounding very needy and obsessive.

We sit down for coffee and Gina seems a bit fed up with Gamble antic’s, can’t blame her, hope she has come to realize who the needy/demanding person is and takes her finger off my pulse.

Back to the other group of girls, talks turn to me. Surprise! Surprise! They sum me up firing nasty comments; Gamble says I am a mean girl. Haha! I have to laugh, Chyka says, “She has become very self centered and it’s all about her and what she looks like” I take pride in how I present myself and if that is mistaken for self-obsession, so be it.

Janet say she is insecure, that’s why she is very self obsessed. Chyka gives out that wicked laugh when Jackie says she ignores me.

I am utterly disappointed and gob smacked.

I think they are distorted in their thinking. They see self-confidence, honesty, courage, some who takes no crap, stand up for one’s self and has empathy. They completely lack these values.

We sit down for coffee, I addressed Jackie’s attitude towards me the night before. Why has she got it in for Lydia and me so bad? We are seeing the cracks of the façade her true colours are shine, shine shining.

I am feeling frustrated of constantly having to defend myself and I loose it with Gina, however it was somewhere between irritation, cockiness and banter, I do that well with Gina. She did not like me blowing smoke up my a**.

Sometimes I do pump up my ego to the girls as my weapon. I know they hate it and the only way I can shut Gina up.

We are all heading off camel riding and to a desert safari dinner. I am feeling on top of the world; as we are all having such a wonderful time and getting along fairly well. I love adventure and this day is perfect for me. I put a lot of thought into my outfit for the desert and feeling very comfortable with the outcome.

It was pretty hilarious listening to the sounds coming out of Gina’s mouth. I had never witnessed her so petrified. I was actually quite endearing to see her inner child. I think she did the right thing by bailing.

With every dig Jackie takes, not only at me, but at Gina and Lydia, she is convincing me more and more that she is a mean girl. The sound of her laugh when I get on the camel sums it up.

I think this must be Jackie’s part time job, watching every move I make so she can join her off siders to laugh. How old is Jackie? 36 3+6=9.

I mounted that camel with a smile and grace. However when Jackie mounted her camel, all the camel’s made the most ghastly loud noises, it must have felt her energy and it refused to stand up.

It frightened the big laugh out of her. Do not wish unto others, what you would not like for yourself.

The camel ride was excellent; we arrived at sunset to the most beautifully decorated tent and were greeted with traditional Arabic music and a belly dancer.

The belly dance picked me from the group to get up and dance with her. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, I was up on my feet in a flash to join this superbly stunning sexy woman.

I was no match for her. She oozed sex appeal and her moves were liquid gold.

We notice two men dressed in traditional Kandura heading towards us ladies. It was Bruce and BJ, they snuck in to surprise Chyka.

And what a surprise that was. Her reaction was just breathtaking. It was a splendid moment witnessing a mothers joy and it was such a beautiful moment.

We sit down to dinner and Janet compliments Chyka’s blog. It’s really nice of Janet to give her good friend praise.

Chyka says “Its been amazing, its doing really well, its got a lot of people who look at it every week now and I have got somebody looking after it as an agent. I actually thought Chyka wrote her blog.

Lydia joins the conversation and tells us that she has a blog too and is very proud to have been quoted in the Daily Mail.

And once again Chyka is agitated with Lydia and pleased she is not compared in the article to Louis and Lydia.

Why can’t everyone be happy for each other’s achievements? Why is it a problem if Lydia does a blog? Why is everyone assuming Lydia is doing a blog to compete?

I am sure Lydia’s and Chyka’s fans appreciate the content. They are totally different women.

Who cares, if Lydia is happy been compared to Louis from the Bachelor. At least she is not trying to be JLo famous like some.

Janet is at it again having a vicious dig at Lydia. “I do not think Lydia is writing her own blog, first of all it’s in English and it does not sound one single bit like Lydia”. At least we know Janet reads Lydia’s blogs and is no doubt very invested in Lydia,

She continues to say that at least Chyka writes her own blog’s. Didn’t she just hear Chyka say she has an agent looking after that for her? Is this what you call selective hearing or does she have it for Lydia?

Lydia is upset that every one is supporting Chyka’s blog and she has not got acknowledgement for her blog from the girls.

“I have not got any great acknowledgment”

She turns to me and says, “I am not being a you”. Ouch! That hurt.

First, I wouldn’t want acknowledgement if you have to ask for it and second, I can live without their acknowledgment.

Lydia was expecting a pat on the back for her blog, instead Chyka told her that she was competing with her and Janet agreed with Chyka. Someone is jealous, I wonder who????

Something or someone in this group of women will always sour things up and tonight with no exception, what seems like a reasonable evening is spoiled by sh** stirring Susie, gossiping to Jackie quoting Lydia and throwing my name in the mix, However Jackie is quick to jump on me.

Jackie confronts Lydia and myself, but I can tell I am her prey, by her body language and the mauling kind of look in her eyes with the precision of daggers. I could feel the calm before the storm. I also feel I will have to take this one by myself, because Lydia is going to slid out of this and leave me to hang.

I told Jackie what I think of her; She opens her mouth with lies. You can get to the bottom of a thief, but you can never get to the bottom of a liar. A compulsive liar covers one lie with another, which is what Jackie does.

Hence the reason her eyeballs darts around her sockets. She can never look you right in the eye.

Further more she has who always back her lies. It becomes a hard one to prove unless you strap them with lie detector 24/7 and wired them up together.

Jackie blurts out “ We have a beautiful girl over here named Chyka, you tell her she looks too frumpy in a white dress and that she needs to change her lipstick and make it darker, now that’s mean” all I can say to that is ok.

I would never call anyone frumpy especially Chyka. She is always immaculately dressed, looks beautiful and never puts a foot wrong.

Only once in conversation I asked Chyka if she ever wore red, as I thought it would look beautiful on her. She said she never wear’s red and that was the end of that. I did not give it a further thought; obviously they did think about it so much that the story is now completely distorted.

What planet is this woman on? #Planetlies

Jackie continues, “You call Gamble a black widow” Yes I did, I apologized, resolved it Gamble and I have moved on from that. “You actually said to her why should I come to your wedding, that is mean girl.”

No Jackie, I asked Gamble to think about why she wanted me at her wedding? That’s not mean girl, that is having respect for oneself and taking yourself away from conflict and negativity.

Jackie has a heart of steel, no empathy what so ever. She has already got her guns loaded and it is directly pointed at me and I certainly don’t want her to blow up. The explosion will turn Dubai into #Jackshit

Jackie keeps the lies rolling in “I never talk about how you dress to people.” That would be hard for you Jackie so instead you just criticize how I dress and make fun of me like you did in the store with the turban.
She continues “I never bitched behind your back to people and I certainly haven’t discussed what you do, even though I see it as annoying, crude, rude and Ignorant and how you degrade people”

I don’t know which angel Jackie is sharing her blessing with, but I see no angel shining on her now.
What I do know is that she bitched about my sadness and regret that I live with, today that my dad was not able to walk me down the aisle.

She has discussed and bitched behind my back multiple times to everyone, calls me a drainer, annoying, head punisher, bitched about me at lunch with Chyka, Janet and Gamble. Stop the lies and get over yourself Jackie.

I am never crude; I pride myself in being a lady.

I am not ignorant, my education and my track record speaks for itself. If someone is rude to me I will be rude right back if they deserve it. I am not a push over; I didn’t get to where I am by been pushed around.

I don’t degrade people, I wrote my book to help and enlighten people.

Jackie this is called character assassination.

I am totally blow away by what is coming out of Jackie’a mouth, in fact stunned. I cannot find words to describe how shocked I am feeling.

She is a mean girl and in total denial.

When I walked into the welcome drinks I was emotional from missing my boys and it wasn’t because I was looking for a compliment from them.

I was fed up and hurt that I get treated like I am invisible.

I do have feeling and I was vulnerable at that moment. I don’t let these girls see that side of me. I am not ready to be judged

Jackie’s lack of maturity is playing a big part in her slanted idea of me.

Jackie’s lies will bite her in the a** when her friends become her foes.

Mark. My. Words!!!

I asked Jackie to stop it! I couldn’t take her screaming at me any longer. Well what do you know?
Gina jumps in; and says “I have never come across a woman who is so self absorbed”. Pot calling the kettle black

I have one conclusion to this, these women spend far too much time talking about me and analyzing every step I take, every move I make and every word I say. They need to take their hands off my throat.

It pains me to think that all these women are attacking me for some trivial rubbish like Chyka’s lipstick colour or because I pump up my own ego, I think every one does an exquisite job of pumping up their ego’s. Example Gina Celebrity Apprentice, the perfume demonstrations, Jackie in first season about her looks and her rock star husband. Come on give me a break!

Gina continues to say I have rubbed everyone the wrong way. Is that why they have had plastic surgery? I have put their noses out of joint. Haha!!

I am feeling very defeated, I am having heat stroke from the camel ride and these women are at me. My only defense is to put my guard up. However at this stage I have no fight left in me I am exhausted and feel on the outside, my friends Gina and Lydia are also picking me apart. I have no one on my court It is #sevenagainstone

I desperately ask if anyone of these women is on my side with a fraction of empathy.

Chyka says we are grown women we don’t have sides. Oh yes you do! Let’s get that one very clear.
The biggest load of hog’s wash I have ever heard was when Gina said they all care about me. My reaction says it all. REALLY!!!!

Gina continues, “They think you care more about yourself than you care about them. No Sh**!!
I was brutally honest when I said with conviction I do! Susie’s little contribution to the torture was “How are we supposed to be your friends Pettifleur”? Get real Susie!

What reasons have any of these women given me to care more about them over myself?

In fact I have learned to love myself even more each day. No one can give you love if you can’t give it to yourself. I remind myself that it is the hater that carries the burden of hate; they have to live with it. I will lighten my burden by not letting others opinions fracture my spirit.

This is atrocious behaviour for mature women, what example do they set for their children? I take people on face value and they seem to be fine with me, we have all had our moments with each other, however I did not see this coming. I am totally blindsided by this pack mentality.

None of them seem to have a mind of their own; they all seem to jump on the majority rules side.

To sum it up I don’t ask for their opinion, validation and approval and that’s why they are bitter. I speak my mind, I stand steadfast, I am confortable in my own skin, I don’t care to compete, and I am loyal and fair. The attributes some of these women do not grasp.

Gina continued to rant and everyone jumped in for the kill. They were screaming at me like a pack of constipated Hyenas.

I just started to shrink away into the seat. I was lost for words. The Punishment Did Not Fit The Crime.
Thank you so much for reading my blog!

See you next week,

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