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LeeAnne Locken Opens Up About Her Dark Past And RHOD Drama!

Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken opens up about her childhood, her dark past and her feuds on the Bravo hit reality series. During a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Locken gets candid about growing up as a carnie kid and more.

The 48-year-old actress reveals that her first job was working in a carnival. Locken says she began her career as a carny when she was only a toddler.

“I started working during the summers when I was 3 years old,” she told OK! Magazine. “I worked for my mom and then other people. When I was 11 I bought my own game and I had adults working for me.”
While Locken said “owned five or six games and part of an arcade,” she retired at 16 because the circus circuit wasn’t all it’s lived up to be.

“A lot of bad happened to me,” she said. “I attribute a lot of it to how I looked and who I was. I had a lot of therapy along the way to discover who I was as a human.”

Now, Locken is settled with her boyfriend Rich Emberlin in Dallas focusing on her charity work, she’s not sure she’s able to juggle the different personalities of her RHOD co-stars.

“I have a huge personality,” she explained. “It’s not always the easiest thing to be around.”

She continued: “I found myself being attacked a lot. These young girls who are not part of Dallas society are trying to become part of it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo