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Katie Rost: “I Was Disappointed With Myself That I Cared To Get Sucked Into Negativity”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Katie Rost talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Katie Rost dishes on her new engagement, the drama filled lunch, and any regrets she has after the confrontation. Check it out below! What were you thinking when Gizelle invited you to lunch on the phone?

Katie Rost: It's always a joy to get together with the ladies, but I admit to experiencing hesitancy when Gizelle called me-- in jest perhaps?-- trying to pull me into a "come to Jesus" lunch. My cynical side DID assume she just wanted to have a dramatic "attack session" style luncheon where perhaps she did some of the following: 1. She wears a dramatic hat that just screams, tolerance, style, subtlety. 2. She says dramatic things while sitting back, arching an eyebrows waiting like for someone to allow her to launch truly fascinating stories about examples of behavior that are either very White or very Black (but NEVER are they EVER-- any mixture of to two!) 3. She does dramatic stuff like jump up from a table, pointing and screaming, when Katie dares to say "obviously I'm a black woman, I'm also bi-racial!"

I mean the fact is, I was just plain old psyched to not only be invited to lunch... But to find that all of my wild mental assumptions were completely, utterly and entirely unfounded. Tell us about the proposal! What was it like finally seeing Andrew on his knees asking for your hand?

KR: Andrew proposing to me was perfect. It was magic and romance and love and just perfect. The perfect place, perfect proposal, perfect moment in time and I'll never forget that amazing day. We laughed and cried and the cows at my farm didn't mind our rated xxx make out sessions which followed the proposal. What were you thinking when Robyn said you needed a black history lesson, and Gizelle said you acted like “it was a problem to be black"? How did you feel during this discussion?

KR: First, it was Ashley who called Gizelle and Robyn bi-racial, not I. For some reason people keep saying it was me, it wasn't. But I still took on the fight, because who cares who said it. They kept going there for months with the "this is a white thing, that's a black thing" comments. I simply responded. If any white person ever dared to say "White people don't do that, why are you acting black or, is that a black thing" I shutter to think of the backlash.

People who listen, who have ears to hear, will hear the point I was making. People who want to be hardened to listening, won't. I'm over it. I believe in equality. If you don't, that's your problem. Your drama with the ladies seemed to end at the luncheon, with you even apologizing for getting so heated. Did you feel everything was settled walking away that day?

KR: I was disappointed with myself that I cared to get sucked into negativity. But I'm human. I forgive myself and everyone else. At least, until next time...

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo