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Kathryn Edwards Reacts To Erika Girardi's Comment About Drinking ‘The Vanderpump Kool-Aid!’

Kathryn Edwards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathryn Edwards thinks there was some manipulation happening this season, but it wasn't from Lisa Vanderpump and calls out Erika Girardi. Kathryn writes:

"Hello Everyone,

We are all so happy to be back from Dubai, safe in our own homes...away from the fray.

I'm going to talk about my observations and what I see now looking back on it all, compared to what I was thinking when it was all going down. You have to keep in mind this was six months ago and seeing the confessional interviews every week changed some feelings for me.

First, I was strangely pleased to hear that Lisa R. sees the trip to Dubai as "sad," because it was.
It was really sad watching friendships go down the drain over what amounts to nothing, in my opinion.
Lisa R. wrote in her blog last week that it's time to move on...I hope that the friendship is salvageable. It would be a true shame if they couldn't talk it out and move past shouldn't have ever gotten to this "silly, mind-numbing" level.

Kyle's party:

Obviously the memories of Dubai are fresh, so I went to the party a little nervous, not knowing what to expect.

Donnie and our good friend Gregg were with me, so I knew that if nothing else, I had shelter.

I was happy to finally meet Kim. I have felt a kindred spirit to her through the stories--in a different way-- but nonetheless, I've felt protective of her for my own reasons.

I watched all of the drama between the ladies unfold just like you all did. Am I missing something? Are we missing something? I saw Lisa R. bring up Munchausen at Lisa V.'s. home with Kyle.

Rinna didn't have anything but compliments about Lisa V. for quite some time, and then something changed.
I don't know what but something did. Everything went askew from that point on.

All of the sudden, the story got cloudy and confusing. There was just about everything you could think of to make it something bigger than it was and as Lisa R. said in her blog last week, "this has gotten far too drawn out and confusing." Can I get an AMEN?

I will say this...all season I was warned about Lisa V. being a manipulator, a sniper, getting someone to do her dirty work, not to be trusted.

I was looking, I watched, I waited. I did see some manipulation going on, but it wasn't coming from Lisa V.

Maybe I'm not savvy enough to see her wily ways, maybe she's The Manipulator know, like the Cesar Millan of manipulation. You don't know how Cesar gets these dogs to follow so easily, but he does it, and he's just so good at it with so little effort. I'm being facetious right now if some of you don't get it.

My point is, again, that we are all responsible for our own actions. Period. There are leaders and there are followers...blame yourself if you screw up and get caught in the mire.

I felt for Yolanda sitting there, having to listen to this crap. I'm sure it does feel suspicious to her considering the differences between her mutual friends, but I'd take it with a grain of salt because the two feuding parties were both wrong in the way they spoke of her illness.

So on to the conversation between Erika, Camille and I. I don't know what ever happened to Erika that she has such a strong view against Lisa V. What has she witnessed herself? Or maybe I should say, what has she heard?

Camille seemed to agree with me that Rinna was a Vanderpump cheerleader, but Camille didn't agree with Erika saying that Lisa V. influenced her to make the Munchausen comment--that's quite a stretch.
Why does everyone think Rinna is such a pushover? When does accountability take effect?

But here we are, once again Erika wants me to see that Lisa V. isn't to be trusted.
I tell Erika again that I like Lisa V., that I think she's funny and I enjoy her.
Erika says "Of course you do, she likes you." So what's the problem? I like her, she like me...that's it.
No one is putting hits out on anyone, and I'm no one's lacky.
Kyle and Lisa V. can be whatever they want to each other...I may not understand all of it, but it's not my friendship, so why should I worry about it?

Erika then goes on to say in her confessional interview that I am a "self-proclaimed strong woman," but I am under Lisa V's. spell. What spell? What kind of dirty work am I doing for Lisa V.? Who am I plotting against?

I gave everyone a fair shot from the get-go. Can Erika say that? I think not. So who's under who's spell?
If I drank the "Vanderpump kool-aid," and "have become the spokesman for the Vanderpump kool-aid" then Erika drank Hater-aid and has become the spokeswoman for the Vanderpump Hater-aid.

I ask, what have I done that looks like I have my head up Vanderpump's ass? Laughed at her jokes? She's funny as hell. Gotten her a glass of wine? She's done the same for me. Listened to both sides of the story and not judged it? Who I am to do that?

I called out the fact, in Dubai, that I believed Rinna was telling her truth. I didn't take Lisa V's. side...I didn't take anyone's side. I believe that Rinna has conviction in what she is saying, but the truth of the matter is that I wasn't there.

I didn't see it. There are two sides to that story, and I also believe that Lisa V. has conviction in what she's saying AND truthfully, I really don't give two sh--s.
Erika should know as well as anyone, you can't convict someone on that type of evidence.

The bottom line is this...there are a few ladies in the group that aren't totally fond of each other.
I don't want to get in the middle of it. It's not my place. I'm loyal to myself and my feelings alone. I call it like I see it. I have clarity on it all now, clarity that I didn't have back then, and I am more resolute in saying...what a waste.
Talk it out, extend courtesy to each other and keep it copacetic for the greater good. It's not hard.

There's much to disagree on in this world right now, and I don't want to pick a side on this silly topic.
If Rinna and Lisa V. are over it...boy oh boy, you have to believe everyone else is over it too.

I feel and felt uncomfortable talking about Yolanda and David's splitting up. I went through a divorce that felt like a death to me. One of the most difficult things I have ever gone through, but love finds a way, and my true love, Donnie, was waiting for me so there is a happy ending to the story. I wish Yolanda and David both happiness.
As Alfred Lord Tennyson once said, "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

As always, ending on a positive note:
I believe the friendships can repair, I have seen kindness in every one one of them, and time heals all.

Until next week.


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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo