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Gamble Breaux Says Pettifleur's Blogs Are ‘Offensive’ And ‘Vitriolic’ — Plus, Dishes On Drama In Dubai And Her Friendship With Gina Liano!

During a recent interview with, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux is sharing her thoughts on the drama in Dubai. Gamble Breaux explains her frustrations with Pettifleur Berenger's behavior and blogs, plus gives an update on her relationship with Gina Liano. Check it out below!

So we’re in the midst of seeing your Dubai trip on the show — you ladies seem like you’re having a great time.
To be honest, I was a bit nervous when we were given our boarding passes — I hadn’t been in about 10 years. I didn’t know how we’d be accepted, because in the Philippines [the cast visited Manila last season]we got really boisterous at the dinner table and the police were called.

I thought you’re not supposed to swear in public, and we all have gutter mouths. I was really worried about going with the group, because even off camera we’re at it all the time. We’re a noisy, rude, loud group of women. The editors are actually quite kind to us.

I think you’re the first reality TV star in history to ever praise the editors, usually they get the blame for everything!

They’re kind to us! We’re feral lunatics. It’s like bringing well-dressed orangutans out. Oh god, I’m going to get in trouble aren’t I? Anyway, I was terrified, but I was really relieved when we got there. Times have changed, it’s surprisingly relaxed with a real global attitude now. We did try and mind our Ps and Qs and we didn’t get in any trouble!

You may have had a great holiday, but it seems like Pettifleur didn’t. She’s accused the rest of the ladies of ganging up on her and bullying her.

Well, she was quite happy to join in when they were against me last year — she didn’t stick up for me in what was a difficult year for me. You’ll see on Sunday night why Pettifleur is so frustrating. I like Pettifleur a lot, and we have a lovely time when we’re together, but then she’ll write things about me in her blog that are really insulting and indefensible, and she includes my stepson in it too. She drives people toward her blog to sell T-shirts.

So it’s one step forward, 10 steps back with Pettifleur. The reason she and I fell out before filming was she phoned the gallery [Gamble is an art consultant with the Billich Gallery in Sydney] and asked to hold her book launch without even checking with me first. She has this way of social climbing that can be ... very ruthless.

But she was not ganged up on that night; I had nothing to say to her. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I do love to guess, and I think she’s got some sort of weird narcissism that we can’t put our finger on.

You mentioned her blog — after Sunday, she wrote a 4862-word post cataloguing each of the dozens of times she claimed she’d been abused by everyone during the episode. It was a pretty intense read.

I didn’t even go to the link this time ... I’ve tried to read them but I find it so offensive and vitriolic. Self-aggrandising, and I find it really nauseating to read it. She’s said horrible things about Jackie, and she’s actually the nicest woman out of all of us, including me!

From the angry blogs to the daily Twitter spats, you ladies certainly don’t call a truce once you’ve stopped filming. Are the producers egging you on to keep at it while the show airs?

Oh look, we’re always attacking each other, but that’s why we got cast — because we can’t help ourselves. There are plenty of other better women out there in Melbourne, but we’ve been chosen because we’re slightly badly wired! We’re Stepford wives that’ve lost their circuitry. We can’t help it, and they cannot control us. I like to live tweet the show, and I like to throw a bit of shade when I’m doing it.

I mean, I’m in a bit of trouble with Gina at the moment because I misquoted some gossip about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in an interview. The sequins have hit the fan, I’m in big trouble. I’m hiding under my bed for now, because Gina’s genuinely quite scary.

Speaking of Gina, she’s been quite vocal this season insisting that the editors have been out to make her look worse than she is. What do you think of that?

She was more worried about Josh [her assistant, whose early appearances on the show were a collection of dumbfounded gazes], but you shouldn’t bring people on if you’re worried about how they’ll come off. We sign up to be fodder. They can’t edit you unless you’ve done it.

She may not have thought she was distracted [at Gamble’s wedding, where she came across as obsessed with her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice], but she was, and that came across.

And her and I had had a bit of a falling out already because I snogged Gabi Grecko. Gina’s really straight and I’m not — I do dumb shit because it’s funny. So Gina and I were on a bad foot, and it came across.
But no, they’re actually really kind to us in editing — we’re much worse than what hits the screen. You can’t blame them, it’d be biting the hand that feeds you.

So many of the other ladies have products to sell nowadays. Do you have anything like that in mind?

I’m trying to do a bit of comedy. I’m doing a comedy piece at the Diversity Expo on Saturday, and I’m doing writing for my stand-up. It’s fun. Anything I do will be fun. I promise not to shove it down anyone’s throat — I’m not going to be an endless billboard for a tacky product, I promise.

On that topic, have you read either of Gina or Pettifleur’s books, Fearless and Switch The Bitch?

Gina gave me her book, but because she’s a friend I wanted to get to know her, not read her book. I wouldn’t find that fun. I read quite a bit of Pettifleur’s book because it’s so short. Gina’s is a great present for young girls — Pettifleur’s book? Good on her, but any book with ‘Bitch’ in the title … I’m a closet feminist, so it’s not for me. Plus the spelling mistakes and grammar are pretty bad. Ha, I’m being a bit of a meanie, aren’t I?

Strikes me as odd that none of the Housewiveshave tried their hand at music yet. You do sing a self-penned ‘Country Women’s Association of Toorak’ theme song on Sunday’s episode ...

I had more fun writing that than anything else I did this season! That was my finest work... I’m waiting for my Sony record deal.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Foxtel's Arena

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