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Former ‘Big Rich Texas’ Star Pamela Martin Duarte Slams LeeAnne Locken Over Her Plano Comment!

The Real Housewives of Dallas series premiere episode caused quite a controversy. During Monday night's episode, LeeAnne Locken made a comment that Brandi Redmond’s behavior was very reflective of Plano, Texas. Soon after the episode aired, Locken not only got slammed by Redmond but by Locken's former 'Big Rich Texas' co-star, Pamela Martin Duarte.

"What the hell does she know? doesn't own a home she isn't married she has no children & born in a carnival," Tweeted Pam.

When a viewer asked Pam is she was still friends with Locken, the former reality star made it clear that they're not friends and reveals that she regrets inviting Locken to appear on Big Rich Texas.

 "yeah nope not my friend and yes made the mistake of inviting her to show up on BRT.  It's getting a little carnie in here," she wrote.

Pam made it clear that she was #TeamBrandi and showed her support via social media.

As for RHOD cast member Brandi Redmond, the Plano reference didn’t sit well with her. She felt that LeeAnne's comment was disrespectful and out of line.

“LeeAnne is entitled to an opinion of me, however, to reference Plano is a low blow and clearly disrespectful. Plano is ranked the third hardest working city in America by Money Magazine, in the top 100 in the USA for families to settle, and West Plano (where I reside) is voted number 1 in the DFW area to raise a family. So what does Locken know about Plano other than that I live there? Girl, bye! For anyone that doesn’t know, Plano is amazing and I love it. As far as the trunk show is concerned, it was an intimate affair and I made a nice purchase while enjoying my time with friends and learning more about the cause. Pretty sure the person that said it was a little Plano did not make a purchase! Again: Girl, bye!” Redmond wrote on her Bravo blog.

During a recent Twitter post, LeAnne revealed that her Planno comment was simply a bad joke. The RHOD star claims she has nothing but love for Plano and revealed that she has worked there for over 10 years.

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