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Eileen Davidson: “Just Because Kyle Is Okay With Lisa V. Being Malicious, Doesn’t Mean We All Are”

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen Davidson dishes on RHOBH Part 2 Reunion and reveals she stopped trusting Lisa Vanderpump long before the Hamptons trip. Eileen writes:

"What, Kim? I’m overdramatic???!!!

Okay, I’m sure I am sometimes. But, as I recall it was Kim who exhibited extremely dramatic behavior at my house, during the car ride with Lisa R., and when she called me a beast at that oh-so-un-dramatic dinner in Amsterdam. And after that, I only saw Kim once this whole year, at Kyle’s party in the desert, where our interaction was brief and uneventful. I’m at a loss as to why she’s formed this opinion…but all right. Regardless, I do wish Kim well in her recovery.

I have realized there is nothing that Lisa Vanderpump won’t do to another Housewife, no low that she won’t reach as she schemes behind the scenes. I was already aware of Lisa V. pushing the Munchausen “storyline” before the dinner in the Hamptons. And as you remember, when the "M" word was brought up at her house, Lisa V. didn’t want anyone to discuss it with me. I think because she knew I wasn’t going to go there or help her “storyline.” Knowing this, going into the Hamptons dinner, I already didn’t trust her.

That night, when she was trying to “get to know me,” she didn’t ask me how I met my husband. She asked me “Is that when the affair started?” My instincts screamed, “This is not her trying to get to know me. She is not curious about my personal life!” That’s why I didn’t say something at the time; I was taken aback. I did not trust her or her motivations.

Despite my instincts, I thought perhaps I was overreacting. Maybe I misjudged her. I truly didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But I found out soon enough, when instead of a sincere apology I got only fake laughs and dismissive words. Then, if you remember, she said that it was okay to ask because we were “alone.” We weren’t alone. There were cameras everywhere. She knew very well that everything she was saying would be on television. I remember thinking then that either she thinks I’m stupid, the audience is stupid, or both. That’s when I knew it was game on. She was trying to play me, like she tries to play everyone.

Kyle saying that Lisa V. didn’t mean it maliciously is a joke, especially considering the way Lisa V. has been malicious to Kyle for years. The tabloid that Brandi said Lisa V. “suggested” she pack in her bag in Puerto Rico saying Mauricio was cheating on Kyle comes to mind. Just recently, Lisa V. tried to throw Kyle under the bus about Yolanda, and has never admitted it! Kyle even said she knows Lisa V. threw her under the bus, but she’s okay with it. Just because Kyle is okay with Lisa V. being malicious, doesn’t mean we all are. And again, I get why Kyle doesn’t want to suffer the wrath of Lisa V. and her followers anymore after what she’s been through with her in the past. But there’s a principle here.

And I, for one, won’t be silent just because I don’t want the heat."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo