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Chyka Keebaugh Calls Out Lydia Schiavello For Gossiping; Says Lydia ‘Loves Talking About Whoever She Can’

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh dishes on the drama in Dubai and explains her issues with Lydia Schiavello. Chyka writes:

"Dinner in the desert continues and I bet you all wish you were there!

Gina decides to give Pettifleur a lesson on friendship 101, and as expected, she becomes very upset, and I have to say it was a horrible moment when she started shouting. Gina decided it was time for her to stop and I think we all paid attention. Unfortunately, Pettifleur doesn't listen to anything if it's not what she wants to hear. I do like Pettifleur, but it does seem to me that she can say whatever she likes to all of us, but we can't say anything to her. No one wants to see anyone upset and sometimes enough is enough. Gamble decides to lighten the moment with her great song to Susie. It was absolute gold, and Lydia was right - that is why we love Gamble!

Finally, I get to have some one on one time with BJ. It was incredible to touch him and hear some of his stories from overseas. I love him so much, and he has such a great way of making it feel like he has never been away. I'm so proud of him and all that he has done in his gap year. He was away for 6 months and him visiting me in the desert is one of the best surprises I've ever had.

It's time to hit the Souk. Jackie, Gina and Susie head to the gold souk and Gamble, Janet and I hit the textiles area - one of my favourite places to explore. We found a shop that had some incredible head pieces. The girls tried a few on, and we all felt it was very Pettifleur! We tried on some belly dancing scarves that we had to to buy all the girls as a gift. The other girls had fun trying on all the gold, and I love Gina - she looked like she was in heaven.

The conversation turned to the dinner the night before, and it was sad that it ended the way it did. Pettifleur is very quick to find fault in all of us and never feels that she needs to apologise for her behaviour. It's a tough one because none of us want her to feel hurt or left out but sometimes you do need to take a long hard look at yourself.

Lydia was a good friend and decided to stay back with Pettifleur at the hotel. Pettifleur didn't look like she wanted company and was a little snappy. She is feeling very shaken from the night before, and Lydia asks her what she thinks is the problem. Answering a question arrogantly is very telling. I do love Lydia's new word arrogancy! Pettifleur is feeling that Lydia is making the conversation all about her and not being there for her. Again there is more drama, and I don't think this conversation is going anywhere!

It's time for me to meet up with the gorgeous Abbey from Bliss flowers. She is an amazing girl who I adore. We have become friends through working together, and the events we do together are always big and beautiful. The events are exciting because we can push the boundaries and can be as creative as possible. Abbey was actually with Bruce the night before the boys surprised me in the desert - the whole time I was texting with Abbey, and she never let on! We talk about an upcoming event we are working on together. I love talking to a like minded person who has the same vision as we do. The flowers she has created are beautiful, and I know the client will be thrilled!

The rest of us girls met up at the Sheik Mahammod Cultural Centre and were met by a lovely man called Nasif. We were able to ask him question about being Muslim. It was incredibly interesting to hear him explain the meaning of the burka, how many wives a Muslim man can have and the traditions of the Middle East. Susie and Gamble tried on the burka and both looked fabulous with their gorgeous eyes staring out!

The food was already on the floor waiting for us, and Jackie was ready to eat as soon as we could. She kept staring at the food like it was going to jump in her mouth. Finally, the food was served, and Jackie was happy. It was incredible, and we all wanted just to keep eating. It was a truly beautiful experience and so lovely to meet such a gracious man.

We arrive at Qbarra restaurant, and we were all hoping for a quiet night. Pettifleur came with Lydia, and I think we were all happy that she decided to come. The atmosphere was slightly strained and as soon as we started talking about our day - it started again. Pettifleur started talking about the night before and Janet was angry and told her to leave. I thought that was pretty rough and I didn't feel it was necessary to be so harsh. Janet then explained that she had tried to do the right thing by Pettifleur and the last couple of days had been hard. Pettifleur apologised and it was a wonderful moment. It was all anyone wanted to hear so it was nice to see.

Gamble was not taking any of this so then it became about Gamble and Gina. There are so many unresolved issues, and Gamble is showing her heart and her frustration. Gina isn't really into someone being emotional and was very tough back at her. I was surprised. The conversation then turned to Lydia and Jackie and became quite heated very quickly.

I have been getting frustrated with Lydia this entire trip as she has been so competitive with me about who knows Dubai better etc. I have never proclaimed to be the expert, but for Lydia, it must be important. As she and Jackie are fighting, I realised I have had enough. Lydia is implying that Jackie is a liar! This is 100% not correct and no one is more loyal than Jackie. She has never once told me what Lydia has said to her about us all but I have heard plenty of things myself. In the last 3 years I have had many people tell me things that Lydia has been saying about all of us. Lydia is the queen of gossip and loves talking about whoever she can. I never repeat things I hear as it only causes problems.

Maybe Lydia has too much time on her hands? I really don't understand why she treats her friends the way she does. I am a big believer in being there and supporting your friends, and it was time for her to stop. I was really angry and as I have said plenty of times before; do not go after my family and business.

I ended up walking off, and Jackie came with me. Lydia never accepts responsibility and there was no point going any further with her that night. I was done."

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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