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Carole Radziwill Explains Why She Refused To Accept Luann de Lesseps' Apology And Weighs In On Dorinda Medley And John Mahdessian's Relationship!

This season on The Real Housewives of New York, one of the most controversial topics has been Dorinda Medley's relationship with longtime boyfriend John Mahdessian. Several of the cast have expressed their concerns about the romance. When Carole Radziwill stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, she offered her take on the pair.

"You’ll have to ask her, but they got together at a time in her life where she felt like she was not having a good time, and it was difficult," Carole told a caller. "And he made… she’s not told me this, but I assume that he helped her in a hard time in her life. I think sometimes they are kinda well-suited for each other honestly. I don’t get into their relationship. I didn't like the things that he said about Bethenny and the things that he said about Ramona. But, in terms of his relationship with Dorinda, if she wants to be with him then she should be. And she clearly loves him." Andy Cohen also offered up his opinion of why they're still together: "They’re in love."

During this week episode of RHONY, Carole Radziwill and Luann de Lesseps sat down to hash out their drama concerning Carole's boyfriend Adam Kenworthy. But if you expected to hear an apology from Luann, you would have been sorely disappointed, according to Carole.

"She didn't apologize, and the birthday was eight months after she said lots of really nasty stuff," Carole told a caller, explaining why she didn't accept Luann's apology during Wednesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live (clip below).

During the RHONY spat, Luann wanted to move past her issues with Carole, but Carole said the Countess had just been too mean toward her on social media for her to do so. Luann denied making many of the comments Carole said she did and said that they had both said hurtful things about one another.

However, Carole denied saying anything "nasty" about Luann on WWHL. "I didn't," she told Andy Cohen. "With some of these women, you need evidence. I wish I had brought all of her tweets and her interviews."
In fact, according to Carole, it sounds like Luann broke the girl code. "It's one thing if you say you don't like my boyfriend or something, but she was age-shaming, she was female-bashing. It's like that kind of misogynistic bullsh** we hear from men all the time," she explained. "You don't need to hear it from a woman, let alone someone you considered a friend."

But don't think that just because Carole hasn't rekindled her friendship with Luann means she's still dwelling on the drama.

"She never apologized, which was the funny thing. And moving on, I had so moved on," she said. "I had told her, 'Luann I have so moved on. You're not in my life, and that's OK.'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo