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Brandi Redmond Dishes On Married Life With Husband Bryan Redmond And Weighs In On Her Issues With LeeAnne Locken!

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond talks about her issues with LeeAnne Locken, her unique sense of humor, and why she cries herself to sleep at nigh. Brandi writes:

"First, I want to say thank you all for showering us with love and support for the premiere of RHOD. It’s so exciting and I owe a huge thanks to God for blessing me with family and friends that have been nothing but the very best. My family is my heart and soul. I believe we are who we hang out with and I love that positive uplifting people surround me.

Okay, so how did it make me feel when Stephanie wrote LeeAnne an email behind my back…first, I am not someone that feels someone owes me an explanation for his or her actions unless you’re my children or spouse. Stephanie is a people pleaser and will go out of her way to avoid confrontation. I think this is why she chose to write LeeAnne. Stephanie did not really appear to be apart of the feud and noticeably so with her hands covering her face. Did it feel like a little bit of a stab when she told me? Yes, because she made me feel like I should apologize when I felt that I didn’t owe her one. I was caught off guard and I definitely learned something new about Stephanie…“Will there be more of this behind my back” was my initial thought. As far as owing Leeanne an apology, after seeing the premiere I can see how she was hurt by me, but you’ll have to keep watching to see what happens…

My husband is the hardest working man I know. I love his passion and drive to be the best. It does get hard at times because as you see I do it all, I am the one on the show that doesn’t have a nanny or help. There’s just something about being a full time mom that I truly own and cherish. My husband has tried many times to get me to hire someone when I do my share of nagging and feeling overwhelmed. I just want to say that I am so appreciative of my life and the things Bryan has provided to my family. It is a blessing to be able to stay home. For those that don’t know, I worked up until having my second child. So being a full time mom is a blessing and gift while also being the hardest job I’ve ever had. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep though feeling lonely.

I think it’s funny to talk about inappropriate things and it drives people crazy. I am who I am and own it. The theme for the Mad Hatters was April in Paris and I just thought it would be hysterical to put fake discrete poop in my monster of a hat. Paris is known for dog poop on the sidewalks and so I stayed with the theme and it was all in fun. If you’re in doubt, Google dog poop in Paris and if you go to Paris, watch your step! The women were having a great time sipping on champagne and I received a lot of compliments. Did I tell them there was poop on my hat? No. I left that to LeeAnne to go tattle. I was cracking up at her because she was like my four year old running around telling on me. Seriously, you just have to laugh. Kudos to LeeAnne for coming up with calling me a sea monster, it did look pretty mossy. As far as ruining my reputation, if it is social suicide to have a sense of humor…I guess I’ll stick to being a lil’ Plano."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo