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Bethenny Frankel Dishes On RHONY Season 8: “This Is Our Best Season Ever, And Not Without Injury”

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Bethenny Frankel thinks Dorinda Medley's thick skin will come in handy this season and teases upcoming drama. Bethenny writes:

"OMG this is the 8th season of RHONY. I really remember not knowing if this show would even succeed. There was this relatively unknown show RHOC and ours was supposed to be called Manhattan Moms. I may not know it all, because I thought making us a Housewives extension sounded terrible and scared me. Well, no matter what we were, it worked and here we are about to celebrate a decade-old anniversary of the franchise.

Unlike many of the cities' shows, a lot of us OGs, aka original gangsters, are still here: Luann, myself and Ramona are 3/5 of the maiden voyage and a good trio at that.

Ramona is single and a new woman, and we have a real friendship. I am a different person than where I started, and I respect our journey together. It's adorable Ramona comparing her divorce to mine--like I walked into the voting both and voted for "the worst divorce of the decade.” That's like comparing a drunk college guy at a bachelor party to Charlie Sheen on New Year’s Eve. She knows better of it now.

Luann and I have had an interesting road. This season will be rocky for many of us, but the fact remains that Luann and I have been on that train since day one, and I have and will always have a special place in my heart for her, for Ramona and that experience. But holy sh--balls, this is our best season ever, and not without injury.

Ramona stays clean, but some of us may need to enter the witness protection program. Don't come and find me.

Sonja is back and she is the same Sonja with some new surprises. There is a lot going on with her, but you will find that she will evolve this season in a very interesting way. Perhaps I contribute to that evolution.

Dorinda is also back, and she is a salty broad. Dorinda is a throwback, which she embraces. I think she has very thick skin, and the second season is when that really becomes valuable. The gild is off the lily.

Carole and I are friends. We spend a decent amount of time off camera. We are not attached at the hip. I am not afraid to call her out when I feel something, and I don't blindly defend her. She is her own woman, she is in a very real relationship, and she has come with many surprises.

Jules is the new girl. She and I have our own journey. She gets slightly dirty, but overall she is pretty much out of the fray. I had met her briefly before. Her husband Michael and I have similar personalities and senses of humor, so I do enjoy him. As far as Jules' philosophy on parenting, I respectfully disagree with bribery being the best tactic to get what you want and that positive reinforcement does not work.

I don't negotiate with terrorists, and I have found that no really meaning no and sticking to your guns works, positive reinforcement affects their future actions. There is no perfect parent nor no perfect child. That's just one mother's perspective.

Enjoy the ride! XO Bethenny."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo