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Tom Schwartz Opens Up About His Engagement Party And Weighs In On Jax Taylor And James Kennedy's Fight!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Tom Schwartz talks about this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Schwartz opens up about his engagement party, awkward toasts, and fan-boying over Tom Sandoval. Check it out below! How did you feel heading into your engagement party?

Tom Schwartz: It was a nice healthy mix of excitement, joy and anticipation heading into the engagement party. I was being cheap at first but eventually loosened the purse strings Was it nice having your mom there to celebrate you and Katie?

TS: Having my mom there was a dream come true! Honestly the whole thing felt like a fantasy. There were moments where it was a pain in the ass, but still fantasy land. Were you surprised when Kristen and Stassi showed up? How did you think Lisa was going to react when she saw them?

TS: If I'm being totally honest I was not surprised they showed up. Doute never lets a little thing like not being invited stop her and I personally invited Stassi, so yeah. I was happy to have them there! I'm a lover. What did you think of Tom Sandoval's live performance?

TS: I was fan-boying through the entire performance. You gotta give it up to them performing in there. Takes confidence. Mojo. I loved it. What are your thoughts on the Jax and James blowout?

TS: Jax and James are archenemies. Jax just straight up hates that guy and, honestly, I don't blame him. James is obnoxious as hell. Jax doesn't do himself any favors in regards to squashing though. He instigated too. I don't hate James though; he's got some positive aspects to him.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo