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Tanya Bardsley Is Pregnant, Expecting Fourth Child With Husband Phil Bardsley!

The Real Housewives family keeps on growing. Real Housewives of Cheshire star Tanya Bardsley announced this week that she is expecting her fourth child with her husband Phil. “I have a secret! I’m pregnant and I tell the girls in the first episode,” she tells The Sun.

“No one knew until I did a jewelry launch and I announced it.” Apart from Leanne. She knew, says Bardsley. “I have my first scan on the third series and I will be due by the time the fourth series comes on. I think the producers would like to video the birth if they could!”

Tanya says she would be up for having surgery to achieve a “designer vagina” following her fourth — and final — baby.

“I am going to get a designer vagina when I’m done with having kids. New boobs and a new fanny. This is my last baby. I did want five but I’m stopping now. I’ve had enough.”

Tanya has already three children, daughter Gabriella, 13, Rocco, six, and Renz, two.

Tanya admits that we will see a feistier side to her during the third season due to her pregnancy hormones.

“My hormones have been a nightmare. You see a different side to me because hormonal Tanya - she’s not very nice. It’s not my fault though! I’m pregnant.”

Tanya reveals that we will see more of her husband when RHOCheshire returns for a third series to ITVBe on Monday, April 4th.

“This season you see more of my husband basically because he’s scared of me and I played the pregnancy card. I told Phil he had to come in because otherwise I would look like a single mum, so he reluctantly agreed.”

“He even speaks on it. Because he is still playing football he was nervous about it - he’s quite a private person whereas I’m an oversharer.”

“He’s married a gobsh*te! So what can he do. We’ve been together for donkeys years but sometimes he will look at me and roll his eyes and I go, ‘What?’”

She adds: “Everything that comes out of my gob my husband says, ‘Why have you said that?’”

The former glamour model married Phil in 2014 and the pair are due to welcome their fourth child together in the summer.

Photo Credit: ITVBe