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Shereé Whitfield Dishes On RHOA Season 8 Reunion Drama: “It Was Apparent Kim Had Reached Her Breaking Point As Far As Kenya Was Concerned”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Shereé Whitfield talks about last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Shereé Whitfield weighs in on #ShadyAndy's reading skills and Kim Fields' "say something" moment. Check it out below! What was it like being back on the reunion stage?

Sheree Whitfield: Being back on the reunion stage was definitely a lot fun for me and being #TheOG on the stage, I definitely brought a different perspective about a lot of the conflict the ladies had throughout the season. Having that perspective present adds to the discussion and brings balance.

One thing I don’t like about the reunion is that you never know the other ladies’ motives going in. You definitely have your guard up! These girls get on Google, they call everyone in town trying to dig up dirt. It’s like a Cold War. Everyone has their arsenal full and they are ready to unload it if you cross them! When I went into it I was a little nervous at first but kudos to Andy Cohen! He did a great job this year providing comic reliefs with his commentary and observations. We definitely bring out his shady side and I live for #ShadyAndy! Did you think Andy was reading Kim Fields and Kenya Moore with his comments?

SW: Do I? It was clear that Andy was on HIGH alert! LOL. I thought they were fun reads! He does a good job at calling all of the ladies out, but that is part of the reunion process. We are going to have to cut through the mess and get to a resolution, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent. It’s his job to facilitate closure. Now, if you are asking if his facilitating is always successful, that is a whole other story! LOL. What did you think when Kim told Kenya to "say something"?

SW: #WhatYouGonDo? LOL. I just remember telling Kandi Burruss “Where has she been all year?” It was apparent Kim had reached her breaking point as far as Kenya was concerned. It was a very Mom thing to say. It was said with such aggression and authority, as in a mother scolding her child. Nonetheless, I applaud her effort.

Hey #TeamSheree! Thank you for all of the love on my #RHOA reunion look! Head over to Instagram @ShereeWhitfield and Twitter @IamSheree for more exclusive behind the scenes look at the reunion. Make sure you tune next week for part two! There is still so much to discuss!

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Xoxo Shereé

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo