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Robyn Dixon To Karen Huger: “Get Over Yourself, Loosen Up, Move On And Have Fun!”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Robyn Dixon talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon weighs in on her friend's betrayal and how she feels about Michael crashing the all-girls weekend.  Check it out below! Tell us about revealing your financial troubles with the ladies. Why did you decide to open up that night? Is there anything more you’d like to share on the financial matter with your friend?

Robyn Dixon: Going into the sister circle, I honestly did not intend on sharing anything. I don’t hold on to the past and I am typically a very tough person so I really did not think that I had anything to share. But hearing the ladies talk about their pain triggered a really bad memory for me that I felt compelled to discuss. The pain and hurt that I felt in 2012 was beyond any other hurt that I have ever felt. And although the loss of money really created huge problems for us, it was the evil lies and deception that hurt the most. On top of the devastation from the loss of money and the loss of a friendship (he was even a groomsman in our wedding), I experienced the shock of my life when that same friend took his own life in order to avoid the consequences of his actions. This truly was the most difficult time of my life. I experienced so many emotions – anger, hurt, shock, sadness, despair, confusion. Being deceived by my best friend left me with questions on who I can trust and if people really are who they say they are. I have definitely been scarred and changed by this experience but still want to believe that most people are kind and genuine. One thing I know for sure though – I will run very quickly the other way if someone tries to tell me that they can double my money in a matter of weeks! Seeing as Gizelle is your girl, what did you think about her questioning Katie in the sister circle?

RD: I really don’t think Gizelle meant any harm to Katie when she questioned her about the PDA overload at Ashley’s party. But I do think that by now, we all know each other well enough to know that Katie was not going to receive that questioning well. I think Gizelle probably was trying to be helpful and wanted to be sure that Katie wasn’t experiencing any major issues, but Gizelle should have backed off when she felt that Katie did not want to entertain that conversation. What do you think about Michael showing up to the gay club?

RD: Michael was definitely the last person that I expected to see at the gay club – well I take that back, Juan would be the last person I would have expected to see at the gay club. But back to Michael. What the hell is Michael even doing in Bethany Beach?!?! There was never any discussion that Michael was going to join us so I was just very taken aback by his presence. I have been on many girls trips and they remained girls only the entire time. I have no problems with Michael and he certainly has every right to stay in his own home, but if Ashley invited us to a girls trip then that is how is should have stayed until we departed! I’m not mad though - I think their newlywed status probably has a lot to do with their inability to stay away from each other for long. I’ll give them two more years of that! What do you think of Gizelle and Karen’s reactions? 

RD: Can I bust out laughing now? Karen, Michael is married to a hot and fun 27-year-old, he has no interest in peeking at you in your silk nighty! Get over yourself, loosen up, move on and have fun! At the end of the day, we are staying at Michael’s house, it is a house big enough to sleep all of us, and he is there to see his wife. Who are we to complain and throw a fit? And the crazy thing is that after all of that commotion, we stayed up all night drinking, playing beer pong, and having a great time with Michael! Well, some of us did!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo