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Pettifleur Berenger: “Jackie Couldn’t Give Two Flying Rats About Gamble, She Was Just Out For Gina’s Blood”

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger slams Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach and Chyka Keebaugh; says they don't care for Gamble Breaux, they only care to go after Gina Liano's "blood." Pettifleur writes:

"Gamble looks gorgeous and very happy as she walks down the stairs as Mrs Rick Wolf. We all gather around to wish her well and she is thrilled the weather was great and her thoughts go to her father: “My father is looking on me.” That moment was lovely and very touching.

Horny Brian chest pumped, gathers around us girls, Janet feeds him to the wolves to get interrogated and leaves. Ha, ha! Perhaps this is payback for Brian’s cheating?

Janet then yells out: “Lydia! Leave the man alone.” I have no idea if Janet is worried about Lydia’s ability to flirt with a doorstop will snag Brian, or by her next comment, “If he takes Lydia home, I  will be very disappointed with Lydia.” Does Janet think Brian is a bit of a geriatric for Lydia,  I think Lydia will pass on this one.

I have never seen Lydia dry reach so much. Not even after one of her late nights. Yet we interrogate Brian and he is like a pig in mud by the attention he is getting from us girls and too stupid to realise that we were disgusted by his infidelity. When asked if he cheated, he replies: “Never, the only thing that I did was had a happy ending.” Ok Brian. We know that a compulsive liar and cheat would not see it that way.

#NoShameBrian was proudly delivering his lack of morals and enjoying every moment of his bragging. I don’t think Brian could comprehend how demoralising it was to do this to Janet, (by getting a happy ending next to her). I said to him, “Your wife was next to you.” His reply was, “That’s what I thought quickly get it over and done with.” Deal breaker. Shame! Shame! Shame!  Janet should have some respect for herself and kick him to the curb. It’s clear why a man at 75 years would be taking so much viagra!

Gina is bailing from the reception party to see her sons pack and leave, Lydia joins her and plots a story about cutting a cake the night before, Gina agrees. Don’t understand what that’s all about.

Chyka then confronts Brodie and ask who was in Gina’s room, Brodie says “the boys, their girlfriends,” and himself  (in my opinion that’s not a party). Why is Chyka questioning him about if Alin was there? What’s it to her? Of course Alin wasn’t there as Brodie confirms. Jackie then being her usual self with her balls to the wall attitude, confronts a shocked Alin stating: “Did you have a viewing party last night with Gina?”

“No!!!!!!!” Says Alin. Jackie says “I actually wanted answers, I knew Gamble was upset the night before.” Jackie couldn’t  give two flying rats about Gamble, she was just out for Gina’s blood along with Chyka and Janet by my view. Between the three of them they made a mission to head out and stain Gina with whatever they though they could stain her with.

Jackie, Chyka and Janet are hell bent on finding out what went down in Gina’s room and who was in her room. What are they? Detectives? Or are they just stirring trouble? In my opinion, a party of less then six is not a party like they are making it out to be. Let’s get real, we all know Gina knows a lot more than six people to have a party with! The girls have confronted two people, and come up with absolutely nothing to prove that Gina held a private viewing party. The way I see it, Gina left Gamble’s party early to have dinner with her sons to celebrate his birthday with a cake and watch Celebrity Apprentice. I see nothing wrong with that considering, Gina had just spent a tremendous amount of time with Gamble shopping for lingerie, assisting her celebrant, join Gamble to see the wedding planner, I mean give the woman a break! It’s her son’s birthday for crying out loud! Doesn’t she have a right to be with her son? It’s not like she didn’t attend the night at all! What, did she want Gina to do? tuck her in bed and kiss her goodnight? Personally, I think Gamble should stop been so needy of Gina.  Both Alin and Brodie clarified Gina’s story, they were both invited to her son’s birthday and I’m sure if it was any of these woman, they would be running off to see themselves on TV. So stop the double standards.

I don’t see why Chyka, Jackie and Janet need to be so accusatory. What Chyka, Jackie and Janet are essentially doing is breaking up a friendship. Janet says “Now we have two people that say one was invited and one was there.” Really? Big party of five, Janet!

Gina picked a pretty poor time to confront Gamble about her so called viewing party, just like I picked a bad time about the wedding invitation. Ooops, at least I’m not alone on poor timing. Gamble clearly didn’t feel it was the time or place to discuss it. However, I have no idea why Gina is so insistent on defending herself on this point. Gamble is overly emotional and is swept up by all the negativity from the girls and convinced she is taken for granted by Gina. It is quite selfish for Gamble and the other women to think that it is unfair for Gina to have a birthday dinner with her boys and watch Celebrity Apprentice with them in her room. If I was Gamble I wouldn’t give up on Gina for the slightest slip (in Gamble’s opinion). How I see it, Gina failed to tell Gamble that she was going to have dinner with her sons, celebrate his birthday, watch the show and was inviting a few people back. Instead she told Jackie, Chyka and Janet she had organised a viewing party. Did Gina make up the rest of the story the next day when everyone started talking about it, or did she fail to tell the girls her entire night’s schedule? No doubt the women made a mountain out of a molehill.

Now we get to the speeches, I loved Luke’s speech, I was moved by what Luke says and the connection he has with Gamble. Rick, no doubt is a beautiful man and adores Gamble, his words had so much love and appreciation for Gamble being in his life and Gamble adores Rick and Luke so very much. The love was over flowing and their was not a dry eye in the room. I feel they are an absolutely delightful little family unit and I see the love they share today as a very long lasting love. I am really happy to be a part of Gamble’s big day. In the future we may become besties and who knows if I hadn’t have attended, we may both regret that I was not present at her wedding.

Now content that they have created enough drama, Chyka and Janet decides to grow some iron balls and confront Gina about her moments on the night of her son’s birthday. It cracks me up to listen to Janet’s tone and see the expression on her face. I don’t know if she was too scared that she will get a back hand from Gina or was she trying to be condescending with that tone. I can’t even believe Gina bothered to explain to Chyka and Janet of her movements. It felt like they were questioning a 5 year old girl and telling her how and when she should have planed her night. I am surprised Gina didn’t tell them to both f**k off sooner.  When she did, it was hilarious to see the looks on Chyka & Janet’s face. Like Gina wasn’t supposed to react like that.

Jackie and Janet meet up for bubbles and Jackie says just for something different:  “I feel nauseous,” instead of: “I have my period today.” I don’t think Jackie is nauseous from being pregnant. Considering she announces at least three times a month, “ I have my period, I am in a bad mood.” Makes me think that pregnancy is probably a little bit away yet. More like an excuse to be a bitch and get away with it.
It is an inside joke and Jackie doesn’t know everyone tries to escape her without having to endure another: “I have my  period.” It was funny to see Jackie try to match make Janet with a 5 year old. Jackie asks the embarrassed waiter “Do you like older women,” “I like everyone,” was his reply. Ah, clearly not interested! But Jackie is convinced she has made a match for Janet. STOP Jackie! Embarrassing!

Now they turn the conversation on to Gina and Gamble’s friendship, or the lack of their friendship. I am utterly bored. I really think they should both take up knitting or something to keep their brain’s occupied. I do agree with some of the things they are saying. Yes, Gina doesn’t give a s**t about anyone but herself, but the other girls are exactly the same. They just can’t own it.

Jackie says “I think Gina has always been the same, she only thinks about herself and then everyone else comes after.” At least Gina has been consistent, can’t say that about Jackie. I really think Janet, Jackie and Chyka should stop trying to destroy Gina and Gamble’s friendship by preying on Gamble’s weakness. I don’t think Gamble has the right to question the friendship. Gina bailed one time with good reason, the only issue Gamble is justified in having is that Gina was not upfront with Gamble. Put a lid on it girls!  Jackie’s words of advise for Janet: “The first person that can make you happy is you, the second person that can add to your happiness is someone who can appreciate you, for you!” Great advise Jackie.

Gina’s visit to the nursing home to see her father really hit home to me. My father is my everything to me. It is very hard to see a loved one suffering from dementia slip away in front on your eyes. Gina’s dad looked like a very kind man, you could see it in his eyes, I can understand why as a little girl, Gina would stay glued by his side. It is nice that he gets to keep up with Gina’s busy life on TV, and via her book. I also noticed Gina’s dad bursting with pride as he read her name out on the cover of her book. These moments are pure gold. God bless him.

As Chessie walks into Chyka’s office, you see a massive painting of Chyka in the foyer. I am not the only one who has tickets on myself. Phew!! Darn! I have been out numbered by Chyka, she has her whole staff, visitors (etc) view her portrait everyday.

Chessie spiels out how unmotivated she is at uni, and how she thinks uni is ‘bullsh*t’, and how she doesn’t see any point in a Business Marketing qualification. She quite blatantly continues: “I look at what they are teaching me and I am like ‘I just don’t need it.’” She has clearly made up her mind and this meeting is to tell her parent this fact with conclusion. She also states that she is not happy and doesn’t know what she wants to do since she is 21 years old and changes her mind everyday. If it was my child I would say, “Do what you are doing until you figure it out.”

It seems a bit strange that Chyka and Bruce were unaware of how Chessie was feeling. Chyka questions Chessie’s reason for quitting: “Is it the fact that you have been going out more?“ No doubt Chessie doesn’t think so! Chyka’s reaction says it all: “Whoo, you couldn’t go out any more.“ Chyka’s expression is classic. I’d have to agree with Chyka on this one. “Let me explain: Late nights equates to, can’t get up in the morning for uni.”

As parents, we don’t get a manual how to raise our kids and we do the best we can, however it did not sit well with me when Chyka says to Chessie: “You can’t say uni is bull sh*t,” and Chessie snaps back “Have you gone to uni?” It comes across as belittling and challenging her mother. Chyka concludes saying:
“Ultimately Chessie needs to make the desicion, it’s her life, it’s her career, it’s her future, I don’t know I really don’t know what she’s going to do. Call me a nosey mother, but when it comes to matters of this caliber with my children, I would want to be part of these decisions with my children.”

Now we cut to Janet and Susie’s date (Susie’s date night from hell.) Oh Susie, why did you give him your phone number? Rule #1: never give your number out on a first date. Janet starts her date with the farmer/non technical infant formula maker with a swift lie not an omission, when the needy Christopher states to Janet that he did not get an invite to Gamble’s wedding, Janet responds promptly with the innocent girly voice that Janet puts on to convince you that she is genuine. “Well because I was only allowed to go on my own.” Ha ha! The lie comes out of her mouth with barely any effort and very little expression on her face. Susie is very excited to see Mr Casanova, (sorry Marcello!!!) Can’t say he feels the same by his body language and the dinner conversation. No doubt Marcello has no recollection of anything that Susie said to him when he approached her at the bar in Byron. This date consists of lies, sloppy eating, lots of drinking, embarrassing  conversations, and to add to the very awkward infant formula discussion, Janet gives Mr. Casanova the third degree for perving at Susie’s breasts. You can’t blame the man they just finished a discussion on breasts. No doubt Susie is mortified, You would think if not Susie, one on the other women at Byron would have figured out this man was an absolute chauvinistic and self absorbed opportunist. In conclusion it was bloody hilarious.

Lydia and I are invited to Gina’s place for her son Myles’ birthday. I am not surprised the other women are off the list. Gina’s home is really beautiful, very modern, bright and uncluttered. I am not surprised that she keeps a beautiful home. Her family is very warm, friendly and loud, I felt very welcome by all the family and friends and Gina off course. In typical Gina style she is cooking with high heels, party dress and jewellery. I hope she did not peel the 20 kilos of potatoes in that yellow dress. I am longing for the day I see Gina in flats, a pair of juicy couture tracks pants, hair pulled back and with only a bit of lip gloss. I think she would look absolutely stunning. Gina adjusts her mum’s boobs, What’s up with Gina’s obsession to straighten up boobs? Perhaps because she has hers so perfectly on display.

We sit down to a massive Italian feast. A tradition close to my heart, I love big family meals. Gina calls on Josh to set the table, he looks like he’s been whipped and could do with some shock therapy (even though I know that’s not the case) Gina’s lasagne is out of this world tasty. Yes Gina: “I will have the whole tray of lasagne,” one bite and my no carbs diet is out the door. Let me tell you I was a shameless glutton.

After our meal Lydia and I join Gina in the kitchen and the conversation turns to a few burning issues. Gina did say to Chyka, Janet and Jackie that she was having a viewing party, later at the wedding reception when questioned by the detectives. She goes on to explain that it was Myles birthday they were having dinner, they shared some cake and watched Celebrity Apprentice in the room. I don’t see anything wrong with that story. However now I am confused because Gina says to Lydia and I: “ The boys said we might as well watch it, we have ordered dinner, let’s just have it in the room, it’s only us”, “I happened to run into Brodie, so he came along.” Brodie told Chyka he was invited prior to that night. I do see holes in Gina’s story, however it does not excuse the other women to fuel Gamble and try to catch Gina out with a lie. Friends are supposed to help each other. The other issue is that Gamble needs to be up front with Gina instead of going to the other women and bitching behind Gina’s back, Gina seems to think that Gamble is fine with her. I do agree with Gina, perhaps she has every right to question Gamble’s friendship. Perhaps Gamble is attention seeking from all the other women now. (Obviously not me.) If she did I would set her straight and avoid the kerfuffle they are going through at the moment.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Until next week,

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