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Pettifleur Berenger Calls Out Jackie Gillies For Accusing Lydia Schiavello Of Talking About All Of RHOMelbourne's Ladies' Back!

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger calls out Jackie Gillies for accusing Lydia Schiavello of gossiping about the rest of the RHOMelbourne ladies' back. Pettifleur also talks about her relationship with her son Nathan and her new friendship with Gina Liano. Pettifleur writes:

"It’s a conversation that’s very common to women in their mid-thirties: do I or don’t I have a baby? At the end of the day, it is Jackie’s decision on when the timing is right. I can understand where her mother is coming from however can the world handle another Jackie?

Lydia has jumped in the front seat this time but is still a back seat driver – teaching Joanna her left and her right. The poor woman hits the curb out of sheer nerves. Maybe she was trying to give Lydia whiplash. Lydia ends up at Porsche in one piece and she goes straight into flirting mode. Even a car is sexual to Lydia. She’s flirting with the salesman, she’s flirting with the car: what doesn’t she flirt with? Lydia would flirt with a broomstick if it wore a suit.

I thought that it was a heart-warming catch-up with Gina to solidify our friendship, however, I didn’t realise how much Gina spoke over the top of me! Oh well – Gina being Gina. I had no choice but to raise my voice to get through to Gamble. It’s not my style but when you are pushed into a corner with screaming women you have no choice. However, it’s rich coming from Gina to say that yelling is not the solution – even though it’s true. We all know Gina’s wrath of foul language and raised voice. I am surprised with Gina’s over-exaggeration at thinking that I have dug myself into a hole with the all the girls. Last time I checked, the girls were fine with me and it was only Gamble with a problem – and Lydia who jumped head-first into the hole Gina is referring to. It’s a relief that Gina gets my grievance with Lydia as she has fallen into the same trap that I have walked into. It’s like watching the same movie replay.

I would so normally hang a painting of myself in the centre of the room. A fan attended my pre-release book signing event and gifted me with a portrait of myself that is hanging in my entrance. I was so touched by this kind gesture that I commissioned her to do a painting of a stylised woman reflecting the sophistication and class of Sophia Loren. What she painted was me – instead of the stylised lady – and was not apologetic for going against my request. I love an artist who knows their vision as I was blown away when it was revealed! How could you not hang it front and centre? Now, everyone who walks into my home is punished.

It’s natural for a mother to hurt when her baby leaves her nest and it brings tears to my eyes watching Nathan and I. I am super proud and exceedingly happy that my first born has the strength and courage to detach himself from materialistic things and fend for himself. Nathan’s independence and willingness to grow without being nurtured is admirable and it makes me feel that it is a reflection that I have done my job well raising my sons (no modesty here). Nathan making the decision to move out has enlightened me to the fact that he’s a man now and that I don’t need to baby him anymore. Our relationship is super close – which I never doubted, as it has always been close. He is currently in the process of buying his own home and I am happy to see him successful and do what makes him happy.

“When do two girlfriends get to talk to one another and say something without it being repeated?” Couldn’t have said it better myself Chyka. Does being a good friend mean stabbing another good friend in the back? If Gamble can’t see that this is wrong – when Susie and Chyka have rightly pointed out some facts – then she must be Lydia’s next work-in-progress. Clearly Gamble needs some comprehension lessons. Susie is very clear on Lydia’s end-game. The jury is out on this one. I’m not sure if Susie is trying to bring Lydia down or if there is any truth to Susie’s insinuations.

Fake kissing is happening: Lydia has arrived. Is there any trust left in this group? Chyka’s already assuming that Gamble is gossiping to Lydia.

Oh, she’s right! What do you know? Gamble hasn’t wasted any time in delivering the gossip.

Group comes together: awkward! Susie doesn’t seem to be able to get through to Lydia that she has dumped me in a heartbeat and become super-close friends with Gamble – even though it’s laughably obvious. I would like Lydia to take ownership of her actions and to not defend what’s blatantly evident – that she has cut me out of her life. Susie seems to have a very clear insight into Lydia’s patterns of behaviour. Susie’s dropping lots of bombs on Lydia; it’s outright war between these two women.
It was really funny to see Janet and her ex-husband catch up – clearly Janet has no intention of getting back together. He seems like a sleazy man. Can’t blame Janet for ditching him.

I’m at my favourite haunt – the gym. Now that’s how I got my kickass body! My balls-to-the-wall trainer, hard work and dedication. She trains me at this level for the whole hour – she is lethal and she gets results. I have certainly trimmed and toned further since then and am proud of my hard work and results.
I’m a bit offended with Susie’s description of me. She has known me for half a second and already judged me with a nasty connotation. How does a girl survive this pack when judged left, right and centre?
I confided in Susie that I have reservations about going to Gamble’s wedding as I would not want to attend an event where my presence is not welcome. I’d rather be alone then be with people that intentionally make me feel alone. My intention is to look after Susie and form a friendship with her – I assume we could be friends, so I invited Susie to come horse riding with the girls. My funny side came out to Susie at Jackie’s expense – oops, sorry Jackie.

Walking on the sand with shoes? Oh gosh, I hope there is a firm platform built to walk down the aisle in high-heels. Does the dress designer/ unqualified wedding planner/ assumed ring bearer know this dress is for a beach wedding? Pearls, train, lace and architectural lines = church & ballroom – not beach.

It’s horse riding day and I am picking up Susie in my new Maserati. I was told that a Bentley is for Grandmas and you know how that went down – no Bentley for me. You must agree – a Maserati is a hot fast car for a hot bitch. On that note, I’ll save the Bentley for when I’m 50. My funny side seems to come out when I’m in the company of Susie. I was feeling concerned for the health of the horses. One must agree: it was hilarious. At least Susie thought so. It is interesting that the girls speculate what bombshell outfit I am going to be wearing – I didn’t disappoint. Chyka was right: I looked like I stepped off the cover of ‘Horse & Hound’.

Chyka – I didn’t choose horse riding to wear the outfit. I chose horse riding to see what Jackie would wear. Her style is very hit and miss and unsurprisingly she missed. Jackie decided to outshine the horse and wear her oversized faux-fur whilst riding. Janet was the opposite – she rocked up in her Lululemon and jeans with bling on the pockets. Jackie needs to shine up on her fashion sense or shine off.

Lydia writing a blog, who would have guessed? Well done Lydia! Can’t wait to read it. Gamble enters and says Lydia looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones but, “without the 500-year old boyfriend”. Michael Douglas is 71 Gamble – does that make Rick 495?

I’m missing Lydia – I’m not one to throw away a friendship easily and I am not very impressed that the girls are so quick to wholly believe Susie. Yes, Lydia is ignoring me at the moment, but I am not going to jump on the hate-on-Lydia-bandwagon like the others. I want the opportunity to sit down and talk to her about how I feel even though she mocked me at Susie’s and can’t accept that she has done the wrong thing. I hope Lydia can see that she has soured the friendship between Gamble and I.

The girls started to question my faith in Lydia but I am all about second chances and making my own decisions. I’m not going to hate on her just because they have turned their backs on her. I’m clearly unimpressed with all the unreserved bitching and backstabbing. Everything that is being said about Lydia are all assumptions with no proof.

Susie’s accusation of Lydia using Gamble to get to Gina has no validity as Gamble and Lydia state they never talk about Gina. Where is Susie getting this impression from? Susie and Lydia are ferocious towards each other – taking nasty stabs at each other. Lydia’s comment on Susie’s ex-husband leaving her was below the belt as we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. It’s hilarious how Susie claims to be good childhood friends and Lydia says they were never friends. Someone is lying – it’s baseless, brainless banter.

Lydia feels that only Gina and Gamble are her friends. Lydia’s quick to cut me out and assume that I have not got her back. In fact, she doesn’t realise how loyal a friend I am even though she has hurt me. I thought our friendship meant more to Lydia than one falling-out.

Talk about bitching! Jackie just threw out accusations that Lydia was talking about everybody behind their backs but wouldn’t say what Lydia said. I don’t know what Jackie’s problem with Lydia is but you can’t blurt out accusations without backing them up. I think she was gossiping for the sake of gossiping. I’m not buying into it. Gossip club is in full swing – it was like gossiping on steroids.

Jackie’s facial expressions is like she is playing facial ping-pong with the angels. Either that, or she is constipated."

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