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Lisa Vanderpump: “We All Deal With Things Differently”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump calls out Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna. Lisa writes:

"Hello to you all,

We are on the home run of this season. I am a little more removed from the situation, so it has given me room to be more almost detach and analyze like the manipulator I am.

Firstly, I applaud Bravo for once again drawing attention to important issues like Lyme disease and filming the gala. I couldn't go as it was noticed that I had only five months left on my passport and that is unacceptable when traveling to United Arab Emirates. It was all a bit of a panic to renew it in four days. The thought of going all the way to London 22 hours there and back was not something I relished, especially as we had another long flight to Dubai the next day--we tried everything. Anyway I was sent with an escort, LOL, to London just in case I didn't come back in time. Had I known what lay ahead in Dubai I would've stayed longer!

We witness Max receive his new car. He deserved it, and yes, my kids are very appreciative as I have spoilt them with love, good upbringing and education, but they have been kept on a tight rein financially (Pandy waited tables through college, Max still does). Anyway to spoil them occasionally is a pleasure for me, and he could get rid of his old jalopy finally!

So let's try have a better understanding of how this story unfolds...

When LR came to my disco and read verbatim the meaning of Munchausen's, I can't remember or recall exactly, but the sentiment most definitely was uneasy. I do believe I said, "I don't think we should be talking about this." Now if I was encouraging her to bring that to the forefront, obviously she would have reacted vehemently to that statement. Not so.

In fact, I had, much to my chagrin now, defended LR, trying to appease the situation, explaining that I was aware the source of chatter came from a friend of hers and she was only guilty of repeating it, not manifesting it. Anyway, it really isn't that important now as the wave of Munchausen's has pretty much dispersed, but the crux of the matter and the most important factor is somebody is being economical with the truth. I would not have instigated Munchausen's, because I didn't support that theory. Yes, of course I had questioned the constant "sick selfies" but to her face at EJ's barbecue--it was not included. The response I was met with from YF was that I was a coward for not wanting to draw attention to an ailment or illness. I replied we all deal with things differently. That is the premise of this blog...we all deal with things differently.

I have no interest or motivation for participating in this domain with the intention to sully the reputation of another. All that has been documented thus far this season was positive experiences--moments at Villa Blanca, the LGBT Dodger game, the excursion to Ohio in search of a little sexy beast, the celebration of the Ken's birthday with the English garden party, hosting the Hero Dog awards, the Moulin Rouge party, the Hamptons magazine cover party, and lastly, the cause closest to my heart, the Yulin March, which is heartbreaking, but I'm thankful it was covered as we put our heart and souls into that. Anyway, apart from that, a smorgasbord of events to witness and enjoy.

Now if all I had to offer was to have my ass waxed on a dirty carpet or run my lines or even pulling down old curtains, maybe then I would feel the pressure to spend all season attempting to denigrate the character of my " friend," to validate my position as a Housewife, with bitter diatribe, which was a replica of their actions last season. Last season I naively believed that their intentions came, albeit aggressively, from a place of empathy, in regard to Kim. Now not so much.

I also have little understanding how these "strong,independent women...blah blah blah" can rely on the feeble excuse that they are manipulated...What? Are we 12? Do we not have a modicum of sense? Make our own decisions? I most definitely see a certain somebody pulling strings, directing the conversations.

Strident accusations will echo around the hills of Beverly, then across the seas as we venture into the unknown territory of Dubai....Loved the fact that you all embraced our moo moos--we certainly had fun wearing them. The hotel also was magnificent. If only the trip had taken another direction, other than the one you will see next week...

With regard to ED's last blog, I hear many of you on social media, and yes, humor is something that provokes laughter. I didn't hear any. The caustic remarks resonated for sure. At least if you don't support our plight, have some sensitivity to a fellow Housewife's passion. But as I said, we all deal with things differently.

Have a wonderful week and remember my mantra: Love and laughter supersedes all.

As always ..Love Lisa."

What do you think about Lisa’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo