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Katie Rost: “It Wasn't Gizelle's Place To Drop Rumors As If They Are Fact”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Katie Rost talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Katie Rost weighs in on her confrontation with Gizelle Bryant and discusses how she felt about Michael surprising Ashley at the bar. Check it out below! Tell us about Gizelle asking you about that night at Ashley’s party. Why did it upset you and why did you bring up rumors about Gizelle and walk away the next morning?

Katie Rost: The Sister Circle was about sharing, not about acting like 5-0 and treating me like a criminal. Obviously if I thought I needed to "share" something, I would have. I had no issues to share and the issue she brought up was a made up issue. It wasn't Gizelle's place to drop rumors as if they are fact. I am a grown woman. She needs to watch her mouth. I simply gave her a taste of her own medicine the next morning. I repeated things I've been concerned about. Promiscuous behavior was something I thought perhaps she wanted to share, I only said it out of concern. How did you feel after you confronted Gizelle and her apology? Did you feel your beef was squashed?

KR: I feel that it important for me to let her know that she needs to be cautious with her words. I don't know if she was genuinely sorry, but I said my peace. What was it like at lunch when the ladies were asking about Andrew putting a ring on it? Would you let Karen pick your wedding ring?

KR: I really enjoyed discussing marriage with the ladies. They all have interesting perspectives based on their experiences with marriage. I would not let Karen pick my wedding ring BUT I think she has fabulous taste and can certainly steer Andrew in the right direction. How did you feel about Michael showing up? Were you uncomfortable like the other ladies and what do you think of their reaction?

KR: I started PRAISING THE LORD when Michael showed up!! I was very happy to see him. There was too much estrogen in the house! I was really surprised that Karen was as upset as she was. Gizelle always makes something more dramatic than it needs to be so her reaction was just another day that ends with Y. Michael is lovely and unlike Ray, Andrew was happy that Michael was there to make sure we were all okay.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo