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Kathryn Edwards Responds To Erika Girardi's Comments: “It Really Hurt My Feelings, It Was So Mean Spirited”

Kathryn Edwards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathryn Edwards is very disappointed in the names Erika Girardi called her behind her back. Kathryn writes:

"Hello Everyone,

Well here we are, another week in, and it seems as though things are heating up, but it's below the surface.

There's such an undercurrent with the group, and I have to say that I have never experienced anything like this before.

I really wish that we could all air our concerns, grievances and questions up front, but that would be too easy. Instead we choose to talk to others rather than with whom we have the issue, only making things more complicated...getting opinions and advice that may have ulterior motives.

Before I start on my observations and opinions, I'd like to remind everyone that I am just getting to know these ladies as a group, and I am clearly unaware of the history some of them may have and what may have transpired in the past.

With that being said, this is what I see.

As I watch this now, seeing what you, the viewers, are seeing...I see tension between Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump. I don't know what it is, I don't know what happened. Maybe it's just the relationship Lisa VDP has with Yolanda's former husband. Could that be it?

When I had lunch with Erika, and she started talking about Lisa VDP, I was confused. She had just had dinner with Lisa and Ken, and as far as I knew, they all enjoyed each others' least that's what Lisa VDP said.

Lisa spoke highly of Erika and Tom and the relationship she witnessed between them. Nothing but compliments.

So when Erika started telling me that Lisa VDP was to be viewed with concern, I thought it was strange.
Lisa has been nothing but welcoming, friendly and forthright with me. I personally had no feeling that she was playing me and acting in any type of manipulative way to further herself.

It was 100% percent coincidence that Lisa VDP and I asked Erika how long she has known Yolanda. My reason for the question was that Erika was coming across like a guard dog, and I didn't understand why she felt the need to protect Yolanda like that...Yolanda seems very capable of defending herself.

It seemed as though she knew something about Lisa VDP, and I wondered where it came from. Keep in mind that Erika just met Lisa VDP.

If Erika would have told me she didn't like or trust Lisa VDP and asked me to keep that between us, I would have gladly done so. I had no idea I was crossing the Mason Dixon line and this would be viewed as a betrayal.

When Erika and I both said we "assumed" something different, it was simply a miscommunication of the way we both saw it. There was no ill will. She assumed it was in confidence, and I assumed that she would say that to Lisa's face if she felt that way. So what's the bid deal? Lisa didn't jump on Erika. Lisa asked her why she would say that in a very inquisitorial way, trying to understand where Erika was coming from. Why would Lisa VDP want to "discredit" the friendship between Erika and Yolanda? For what purpose? Am I the only one that thinks this is a big stretch and has no merit?

Just to back track a bit...
When Eileen called me over to repeat to Lisa Rinna what went happened at Lisa VDP's dinner the previous night, Lisa Rinna said that she didn't understand Erika's feelings either in regard to the manipulation. Please notice how Eileen doesn't like that Lisa Rinna doesn't co-sign with her. Lisa Rinna asked Eileen if she was mad at her, Rinna said she was torn between loyalty to Eileen and her liking Lisa VDP. Hmm, lets see where this goes.

I want to address the names that Erika called me, because it was very upsetting to me. I have never been called those names that I know of, in my life. F---ing c---, f---ing bitch. It really hurt my feelings, it was so mean spirited.

I wish she would have said that to my face and at least owned it if she feels that way. I will not lash back at that..I won't call her names in that manner, ever. There is nothing I could say that would make her look worse than she made herself look.

I thought/think that Erika knows my heart and who I am. I know she views those words differently than I do, and I take that into consideration but nonetheless, the pain is real.

I'd like to end this on a positive note:
Thank you to Yolanda and David for blessing us with the private show of Mr. Andrea Bocelli. What a beautiful gift to share with your friends and acquaintances. I choose to remember that night hearing Andrea's beautiful voice rather than us ladies not finding our way through what should be easily navigated.

Until next time, please remember that most things can be settled if there is a dialogue between willing parties. It's much easier to talk it out and wish someone well with a genuine heart than it is to carry resent. Been there, done that and don't want to live that way.


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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo