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Karen Huger Explains Why She Refused To Speak To Ashley Darby At Charrisse Jackson Jordan's 50th Birthday Party!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Karen Huger talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger shares more details about her alter ego Shaka and why she refused to speak to Ashley Datby the night of Charrisse's 50th. Check it out below! Tell us more about your alter ego. 
Karen Huger: Shaka is my alter ego, she is a no nonsense kind of girl with a very low tolerance for trivial shenanigans. It is rare that she appears but when she does it’s ON! What were you feeling the day of Rayvin's going away party - why did you get so upset with Ray about the bartender on this emotional day? 

KH: Like any mother who’s last child is leaving the home, my emotions were running very high. Proud one moment and sad the next. Rayvin wanted a graduation celebration with her family and friends who she loved and she knew loved her. I wanted it to be everything she wanted, no surprises. Like Ray said, his mind was on other things and he neglected to mention ordering the bartender. I wish he would have informed me but I understood. Oh well, he is Mr. Huger! Rayvin’s grauation celebration was everything she wanted. We are so proud of her. Why didn't you want to talk to Ashley about your issues at Charrisse's birthday party? 

KH: I was very polite to Ashley, I acknowledged her when I spoke to her at the birthday party. However, this was Charrisse’s big day. I was not about to risk ruining it by possibly getting into it with Ashley yet again. NOT HAPPENING! What do you think abou the butt grabbing incident and the ensuing drama between the ladies?

KH: To each his own. I’m just glad I wasn’t involved and that Michael didn’t pinch Ray.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo