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Joanna Krupa Reveals Who She Stays In Touch With From RHOM!

Joanna Krupa appeared for two season on The Real Housewives of Miami, but how has her life changed since appearing on the Bravo reality series? In a recent interview with Bravo, the Polish model opened up about her very busy life, the prospect of motherhood and which RHOM 'Wives she's still hanging with today. Check it out below!

It's been a minute since you were on Bravo. Do you miss shooting The Real Housewives?

Joanna Krupa: I miss shooting. I just love to work. Obviously there were some moments in there with certain people that weren't the greatest, but I'm very grateful that I was part of that show because it did save my relationship with Romain. We had a little bit of a bumpy road when we started filming, so obviously it could have either broken our relationship or made it stronger. Because we obviously truly love each other, we overcame any obstacles we did have and it made us stronger, which led us to the wedding. I'll always be grateful for the fact that I got to share my ultimate dream wedding on national TV with my fans. And the producers were amazing, everybody — aside from some of the cast members that made my life a little bit of a living hell. For the most part it was an amazing, fun opportunity. And I'm always going to be grateful.

Let's say tomorrow you get the call to bring it back for one more season, would you do it?

You know, never say never. Right now I'm really focusing on other projects and the acting as well, but this business every day changes, so, hey, you never, never, never know. I won't say definitely no as of right now. I guess if I would be put in that situation then I would decide at that moment. But I haven't thought about it for a long time.

Do you keep in touch with any of the women from Miami?

I do. I keep in touch with Karent [Sierra], and I'm very close with Lea Black as well. Those two [relationships] are, I will say, my true friends that have developed [from when] we met on the show that turned into a beautiful friendship that I treasure to this moment.

Every time you've worked with PETA, you've come out with very provocative images. Do you think that's an important way to spread the message?

I will admit it's very sad that our society has to see something that's very shocking [to get their attention]. We know sex sells, we know nudity sells, we know shocking images sell, so the only way for people to be like, "Holy s***, what is this?" [are] those [images that] get their attention, and then maybe they'll be open-minded to further research the subject. It's sad but that's how human beings are. Unless it's something really in your face they're just going to go on with their day.

Is it exciting to expand into the acting world and know that you have those opportunities coming your way?

It's definitely exciting... The acting subsided for a little bit and now I feel like I'm ready because modeling's not my priority right now. Obviously TV and acting is where I'm really passionate about now and really focus on. The acting is coming back naturally into my life, which is great. It's something that I always wanted to do, but it's great that now I can actually be available for it because I don't travel as much as when I did the modeling gigs. After a certain time you just want to be more diverse and spread your wings a little bit more.

Also, are we going to see more Poland's Next Top Model this year?

Yes! We're bringing in a sixth season this year. It's been such an amazing honor to host this show that's so successful out there. And my dream was always to be a host. On Top Model, not only did I get thrown into the hosting world without having any experience — and hosting the best show in Poland — but [I was] also learning how to be a host and also learning how to host a show live because every finale is a live show. It's just been a great learning experience for me. I do have a project that I'm working on that's in development here in the States where I would be one of the main hosts, which is ultimately my dream job.

How would you say you've changed most since we first met you on Real Housewives?

I'm definitely as outspoken and unfiltered as I've always been, but I think what changed is I just grew up a little bit more. I'm more focused on spreading my empire and just really working hard. I think it's more about focusing on other businesses, building my brand more. I don't know if that really changed me in any way, but I think I'm just more ambitious. Maybe I'm just a little bit more mature? No, not really. [Laughs.] The thing that did change is I'm closer to being ready for motherhood and I think I'm less selfish when it comes to my husband.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo