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Joanna Krupa Reveals She's Ready To Start A Family With Husband Romain Zago!

After almost three years of marriage to club owner Romain Zago, Real Housewives of Miami alum Joanna Krupa  tells The Daily Dish that they couple is now seriously considering taking things to the next level... by having kids.

"A thousand percent! We've been talking about it more and more the last couple of months," Joanna told The Daily Dish. "And I started mentioning it and bringing it up to him after the holidays because I realized how amazing he is. Like when my girlfriend came over with her son and daughter, the way he was playing with the kids, the pure happiness that came out of him and the smile — and you can just see he's ready. Whenever his brother Facetimes or Skypes with his niece, his eyes just brighten up. So I'm like, 'Shoot, maybe.' I will admit I don't think a thousand percent I'm ready to have a child right now, but the fact that I see my husband like light up, I know it's the right time. So we've been discussing it."

While Joanna has a loose timeline of when she thinks she'll become a mother, Romain already has his future kids' lives all mapped out. "So within the next year we're definitely gonna be planning some babies," she said. "He wants to do back-to-back children, but I'm like, 'Hey dude, let's focus on the first one. Let's see how the pregnancy goes. It's my body. Let me decide.' And he's like 'My sperm's the Michael Phelps of sperm, so I want only athletes. I want a Maria Sharapova and I want Pete Sampras, that's it. I want those really famous athletes. That's what I'm going to produce.' I'm like 'OK, baby.'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo