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Janet Roach Says She Was Surprised Her RHOMelbourne Co-Stars Lydia Schiavello And Pettifleur Berenger Were Asked To Return For Season Three!

Janet Roach is questioning the authenticity of her co-stars Lydia Schiavello and Pettifleur Berenger on the current season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. During a recent interview, the outspoken property developer revealed that she was suprised that Schiavello and Berenger were asked back for a third season.

Roach said it was clear the pair wasn’t going to return for this current third season, but that all changed at a production meeting before filming started when Berenger promised to “bring it on.”

In the season premiere episode, Berenger lets loose by telling Schiavello that Gamble Breaux’s a “bitch” and a “black widow” because “she mates and kills.” Schiavello immediately runs back and tells Breaux and it caused a major rift between the two.

However, Roach doubts that Berenger even believed what she said and had only made the comments to manufacture an issue for the cameras and to make her and Schiavello more “relevant” on the show.

“We didn’t think Lydia or Pettifleur were coming back,” Roach told AAP via

“It was pretty much on the quiet and accepted by everyone. Then we had a meeting with production and Pettifleur says, ‘we’ll bring it on this year’.

“Lydia even started this thing about me and a Twitter war which was absolute bulls***.”

The five original housewives, Gina Liano, Chyka Keebaugh, Jackie Gillies, Roach and Schiavello, are all coming off contract.

Their three-season deals are about to expire and Roach suggests they won’t all be back if a fourth season is commissioned.

“I think if they do it again, someone will have to go,” Janet said.

Roach said Schiavello and Berenger went out of their way to cause issues.Despite making great TV, she said it was frustrating to be directly involved.

“They kind of had to try and be relevant. Their position was precarious,” Roach said. “It does funny things to you, this show, because people feel they need to stay relevant and it doesn’t look real.

“It’s not their fault (they’re irrelevant), they’re kind of lucky not having a life that is not all over the place.”

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