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Gina Liano Calls Out RHOMelbourne Producers For Manipulating Scenes!

Gina Liano is calling out the producers of The Real Housewives of Melbourne and accusing them of editing the show to make her look bad. Her claims come after she received backlash from her co-stars for leaving early during her bestie's Gamble Breaux's pre-wedding cocktail party to host a viewing party of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which Liano was a contestant.

She said the whole incident was blown out of proportion and the truth was twisted.

Liano helped conduct Breaux’s wedding, and was seen on the show reading tweets about herself about her time on The Celebrity Apprentice at a meeting with the celebrant on the morning of the big day, something that she claims producers told her to.

“I had 100 questions for the celebrant at the meeting but production asked me to read the tweets out about Celebrity Apprentice, which I did,” Liano told The Herald Sun.

“So they filmed me scrolling through my phone and looking so self absorbed and showed that, not all the questions I had. You can see when I’m talking the camera isn’t on me, they have edited my voice over. I’m very disappointed, I’m not impressed by it.”

She continued: “When I swear I always cringe, but I’ve done that and accept that, they haven’t chopped something together so it looks like it is really happening when it hasn’t” she said.

Liano also stuck up for her 22-year-old personal assistant Josh Cunial, who she says producers have made him out to look stupid.

“He is a 22-year-old kid who is finding his own feet, and they have exploited him to make him look like his is daft,” she said. “That’s a big pill to swallow for a kid who is just starting his career, who is nothing like how they have portrayed him.”

However Liano did say that despite her unhappiness at Sunday night’s episode, she is grateful for the show.

“It has been an amazing experience, and I can’t complain” she said. “They have been great to work with, I must say that.”

Photo Credit: Arena