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Gamble Breaux Opens Up About Her Feud With Pettifleur Berenger And Dishes On Her Friendship With Lydia Schiavello!

Gamble Breaux is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Gamble Breaux opens up about her confrontation with Pettifleur Berenger and defends her friendship with Lydia Schiavello. Gamble writes:

"Hello everybody! It’s so exciting to be speaking to you again through my blog!

I’m writing from Mount Eliza with our Pomeranians at my feet.

My relationship with Lydia developed into a friendship mostly due to us having had so much fun together at The Logies. Quite frankly most of the girls were very uptight and boring to be with on this occasion. Lydia can be a lot of fun. She is effervescent, intoxicating and humorous. It’s hardly surprising the queen of romance and gossip, Lydia, told me what Pettifleur (PB) was saying behind my back. I’m grateful. Mostly because I had serious decisions to make about who will be attending my wedding. Lydia has been a very good friend to Pettifleur-(PB) I think PB underestimated my friendship with Lydia when she started saying nasty things about me. I’m surprised PB even took time out from talking about herself to slander me. Guess I should be flattered, however being called a Black Widow (a woman who marries and kills) is a stretch by anyone’s imagination. PB has also told Lydia I met Rick on Sugar and not on in an attempt to undermine the integrity of our relationship. In my opinion PB is! Be careful how you wake the dragon PB! Making accusations that can be refuted because there is a clear paper trail will get a little flower into a lot of manure. I’m furious!

We also have a new girl in the mix! Susie!  Susie appears to be holding a grudge about some gossip Lydia spread about her when she was younger. Susie is a very attractive, capable and a reasonably normal woman, however Lydia seems to press Susie’s crazy button!

I definitely have mixed emotions about including some of the girls. All of those reservations aside, I am determined not to have anyone conspicuous by their absence at my wedding! It’s a huge statement to not invite someone to an event. That’s a statement I don’t feel comfortable making about my friendship with any of the girls. Yet!

Off to take the dogs for walkies on the beach!!!
By for now everybody, thank you for reading my blog!

Gamble xo"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

Source/Photo Credit: Arena