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Erika Jayne Is The Newly-Crowned Queen Of Jeffrey Sanker's White Party Palm Springs 2016!

All hail the queen! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and dace music diva, Erika Jayne has just been crowned Queen of the 2016 White Party in Palm Springs! The White Party Palm Springs will be in April and will include new events and a “bigger and better” signature party that will include a 10-hour dance marathon.

Erika Jayne  has been named as the “Queen of White Party.” After her coronation she will celebrate with what organizers are describing as a “crowd stopping performance.”

The White Party runs from April 8-11 at host hotel Renaissance Palm Springs and attracts gay men from all over the world. Produced by Jeffrey Sanker, the event features a plethora of dance parties, pool parties and heavy hitting DJs that include Offer Nissim, Dani Toro, Nacho Chapado, DJ Grind, and Ralphi Rosario, reports The Desert Sun.

Its annual Sunset T-Dance with Ferris Wheel returns with DJ greats Sagi Kariv of Tel Aviv and Danny Verde from Milan.

When asked what Erika was most excited about the White Party, the singer turned reality star said:
"I am excited that I really get to present a full show. It's going to be big and loud with huge screens and shit blowing up. I am super excited for the production value of the show," Jayne told The Huffington Post.

When asked if she has ever visit Palm Springs, the Bravo reality star dished about her favorite hot spots and Palm Springs connection with some of her co-stars.

"I have visited Palm Springs several times before and we always end up staying at The Parker. I am always there working and never there relaxing. The funny this is I do have a home in Palm Springs and I have never even stepped through the front door."

"Here is what happened, so the final party for Housewives was at Kyle and Mauricio's house at the Hideaway in Palm Springs. As we were pulling in for the shoot, I remembered my husband (Tom) telling me we have a house there. So, I looked over at Yolanda confused and I said, "I think I have a house here." So I called Tom on the phone and told him I was at the Hideaway and asked if we had a home there. Tom then says, "Yeah, but I really don't know which one."

When asked which co-star would be able to hang and party with her at the White Party, Erika said "Kyle and that is because Kyle is just a good time" she added.

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Photo Credit: Bravo