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Chyka Keebaugh Responds To Lydia Schiavello’s “Fake” Comment: “I’m Many Things But That I Am Not!”

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on the drama that went down at Gamble Breaux's cocktail party and reacts to Lydia Schiavello's "fake" comment. Chyka writes:

"I love the opening of episode three with Gamble, Rick and Luke. The family scenes make me feel so happy for Gamble – she deserves all the happiness in the world, and this makes me all feel warm and fuzzy. And of course, Gambles comment about leaving Janet in the freezer and having no problems since gave me a good laugh! But the big questions is Should Gamble invite Pettifleur? I love how calm Rick always is and how thoughtfully he always addresses a problem!

Watching Gina talk perfume with her PA Josh was a lot of fun. I love her description of what smells inspire her – it sounds very fruity! Poor Josh always looks a little stunned but he is a gorgeous guy and is very smart. I can’t wait to smell the final product and see what Gina creates!

Next up we are at PF’s apartment, and she is catching up with her sister. Things are a little strained between the girls, so Pettifleur is hoping to reconnect. I found this scene a little awkward to watch. Both girls felt very uncomfortable around each other and both took each other’s compliments the wrong way – ouch! When Gillian said that Pettifleur was up herself, that was full on, and I felt sad too that both girls have drifted so far apart that they don’t know what each other is doing or even what Gillian’s job is. I speak to my sister every day, and I have to say there is very little I don’t know about her! That to me is the joy of having a sister and I hope that the two of them sort out their issues.

Next up Jacks comes to visit me to have a chat about babies. I felt honoured to have Jackie want my advice on this subject as I know how torn she is about it all. It’s a tough one, and unfortunately, there is no magic wand to guarantee that everything will be perfect. There is no right time to have a baby, and I know with all my heart that Ben and Jackie will be incredible parents. She is such a kind and caring person who is also an amazing Aunty, and to my kids – a fantastic friend! I hope that she decides just to go for it and enjoy the ride. Having kids for me was my greatest achievement and I would love for her to have that.

Lydia’s new car arrives and after an interesting conversation with Joanna, Lydia gets to drive her new car. The poor salesman doesn’t know what to say or do! Poor Fig doesn’t either! And Joanna now no longer has to drive Lydia around anymore – must have been hard for her to understand what Ching Ching and Chung Chung means.

Finally, the day has arrived for Gamble, who has asked us all over to give out her wedding invitations. Janet is dropped off by Brain and Gamble unexpectedly asked him – let’s see where that all goes…..I was so excited but also little late that day so really walked into a mine field. .I was surprised that Gamble went downstairs with Lydia – that was a very strange thing to do when you invite all your girlfriends over. Pettifleur is upset that she and Lydia haven’t yet spoken since bake day. I thought after our chat at Pottery Barn that Lydia was going to make that call, so I am not sure what’s going on there.

I was also very surprised to hear Lydia talk about me. I had never said anything about Lydia or ever said I didn’t like her! I listened to what was being said but never said a bad thing about her. Someone was definitely in her ear causing problems because, hand on heart, that was the first I had heard of it! I am a diplomatic person, and I don’t talk out of school. Sorry Lydia – you had your facts wrong there. Faking it? I’m many things but that I am not! I am a true believer in always being honest and real in every part of my life. I wonder where this is all going….

Pettifleur and Susie organised horse riding, and I didn’t know who was going until we arrived! Did we talk about Lydia all day? No! I know exactly who told Lydia things from horseriding, and it wasn’t anyone from the horse riding camp. Ahh the joys of us all getting together! Lydia asks PF if they can have a chat and you just know world war 3 is about to erupt! I could never see Lydia’s case for repeating what Pettifleur said to her in confidence, and I think the more she tries to justify her actions the worse it gets. I’ve already voiced my opinion on the subject, so I’m not going there again! Jackie is called into the bedroom, and Lydia has said we have all been bitching about Pettifleur – what a thing to say to a friend! This whole thing is getting ridiculous, and I loved Gambles timing – time to get our invitations and bring this gathering back to why we are here! All of a sudden PF pipes up and says you need to think about if you want me! I was so exasperated by this point. Pettifleur has also had all the girls screaming and shouting at her, so what is she doing! Gamble throws the invitation away and that my friends are the end of episode 3!"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

Photo Credit: Foxtel