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Chyka Keebaugh Dishes On Gamble Breaux And Rick Wolfe's Wedding: “It Was An Honour To Be There”

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh dishes on Gamble and Rick's wedding and weighs in on her fellow housewives drama. Chyka writes:

"It’s finally time for Gamble and Ricks wedding, and we find the two lovebirds at the lighthouse in Byron Bay. It is a very cute scene between the two of them, and they talk about how excited they are, how many bills they have and, of course, the prenup. It’s one of those tricky conversations that I’m sure was hard to have. I respect Gamble for wanting to talk about it and get everything signed off. Rick is obviously embarrassed about the whole thing, but it is what it is, and I applaud them for this realistic and mature way of looking at things.

Assistant Josh is up next helping Gina pack for the trip – the poor guy always looks slightly confused and the fact that he even knows where Gina’s closet is amazing, I don’t even know where everything is in my closet! However, he doesn’t seem to know his colours and brings out the wrong clutch. Uh oh. Every time I see him I think to myself, come on Josh, you can do this! Gina fills Josh in that she is helping to marry Rick and Gamble and would love to do more ceremonies in the future. I love this idea and think Gina should do! Anyone getting married soon and need a celebrant?

We all arrive at the beautiful resort Byron on Byron and Gina and the bridal party go off to see where the wedding is going to take place on the beach. The girls are in heels and Alin has great faith that all will be ok with the weather- even though thunderstorms are expected. He has been told by locals all be ok, hmmm as a Melbourne girl and an event planner, that to me is a scary concept! You always need a plan B if the weather turns, so fingers crossed it doesn’t. Gina asks all the questions required to make sure the wedding is a smooth and successful event, and Alin seems to think it will all be ok on the day.

It’s time to catch up for a drink and Gamble is worried about the weather. Lydia suggests that maybe Jackie could give a physic vibe which as we all know isn’t how Jackie operates. Plus Gamble has very much said she is a non-believer so why to ask now. Jackie graciously declines and said they are on the right track to their dream day. It wasn’t a reading just her words from her heart. I did get a little confused by Lydia’s comments about being a butcher and cutting meat and… What did that all mean?

Pettifleur tells Susie she wasn’t told about the sand for the wedding and didn’t want her dress to get muddy! I don’t know where PF has been; Gamble had told us it was her dream to marry on the beach and as a guest, don’t you just do as you are asked to do? Gina tells Jackie and I that she is having a screening the following night for Celebrity Apprentice. Remember this as she denied she ever said this! I have no issue what’s so ever with Gina watching her show. I appreciate she wants to do social media while it’s on but knowing Gamble has a drinks party that night, wanting to be elsewhere is telling me there could be a problem arising….

At the champagne breakfast, it was so lovely to meet Gambles gorgeous mum. She told us all a few stories about Gamble, which was fun to hear. I was enjoying myself on this day and was excited about the wedding. Sitting around chatting and talking baby stories – poor Jacks wasn’t coping so well with all our stories, and I think it totally grossed her out! Wait until she has her own!!

The day flew by and before I know it we are out having drinks at the Beach Hotel. As soon as we arrived the weather changes and the storm hits hard. Janet arrived, and we were all so excited to see her. Lydia and Pettifleur catch up to talk about the blow up that the two of them have had. It feels like it’s taken a while for this to happen and instead of just apologising Lydia brings up again about Andrew being sick. That was last year, and him being sick had nothing to do with why she did what she did to PF. I find it all very odd. Andrew had a very rough year with his illness, and we were all there for Lydia – I don’t know why she is using this now as an excuse for her behaviour! Please just own your mistakes and say sorry!

Jackie comes to join Lydia, and the two girls obviously have things to discuss. Pettifleur feels the need to interrupt and Jackie isn’t liking it one bit! The storm gets worse; an Italian stallion comes over to meet Susie and Gina tells Gamble she is leaving for her son’s birthday. This upsets Gamble and the tension is rising again! What will happen next?

It’s the day of the wedding, and the weather is looking ok, thank goodness! Janet and Jackie catch up and rehash the night before. The story is now getting interesting regarding Gina! Did she go back to her son’s birthday or a viewing party? The poor marriage celebrant was trying to keep everything on track, and I think Gina was a little sidetracked by social media. Would you do that to your girlfriend who is just about to get married? I don’t think so!

The dress arrives, and Alin has outdone himself – it’s beautiful, and Gamble looks incredible as she walks down the beach on the arm of Charles Billich. The clouds parted, and it was perfection. There was so much love and happiness for Gamble, Rick and Luke. It was an honour to be there, and I know that they are now on a wonderful journey together in life – so exciting! I’m such a romantic!

Can Gamble have a drama free wedding reception? You will have to wait and see! Chyka xx"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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