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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Comes In Ashley Darby's Defense And Calls Out Gizelle Bryant And Karen Huger's Bad Behavior!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Charrisse sympathizes for Ashley and thinks that Karen should send her a thank you note. Check it out below! Were you disappointed in how the Sister Circle turned out?

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan: The Sister Circle isn’t for everyone. Some of the ladies aren’t quite ready to open up and share a part of themselves that may have been difficult at one point or possibly going through something. And that’s fine. Overall, I was happy for those who were willing to open up. Whereas, I was somewhat disappointed that Gizelle who is in EVERYONE’S business all of the time chose to take the low-road and had nothing to share but a poop story. I’m sure she has had her share of trials and tribulation. But if she wants to camouflage it all with poop no problem. Hopefully, she will get to a point where she can be honest and share instead of being the Captain of The Mean Girl Squad. That whole thing going at Katie was not cool at all. If she didn’t want to really open up and share she should’ve said nothing at all. On second thought, I don’t think that’s possible. Gizelle silent? Not in this lifetime.

The Sister Circle is an opportunity to bond, understand, and support each other. I’ve known Robyn forever and had no idea that she and Juan went through such an ordeal with a close friend that basically robbed them. Now I understand why she always has her guard up. I do not get off on the misfortunes of others and I definitely don’t pry into anyone’s personal business. But as a friend of Robyn for so long, I felt like a bad friend because I hadn’t checked in just to make sure that she was okay. I am happy that she is a mover and a shaker and is doing what she needs to do and doing it well. We learned a lot about each other. Hopefully, our bond will strengthen more as time goes on. Tell us about confronting Gizelle on her comments to Katie in the sister circle the next morning.

CJJ: I don’t want to focus on Gizelle. I just hope she understands now the whole purpose of what I was trying to achieve and come to the realization that her words to Katie were inappropriate. Quite frankly, I don’t think she gives a damn. I will pray for the former church lady. What was going through your mind when Michael showed up to the drag show? Did you think it was inappropriate or could you understand Ashley’s side of it?

CJJ: Michael showing up to the drag show was surprising initially. I thought we came there to have a good time. And we were having a good time and suddenly Michael shows up and you would’ve thought that we were in the midst of an Isis attack. We were out of there like the place was about to blow up. I was having such a good time and really didn’t want to leave. The suddenly Prim and Proper Crew put our Good Time to Good Night! Really? Michael’s surprise to wifey really didn’t bother me the way it apparently bothered them. Get your life girls! Now we have to go back to the house and listen to all this noise about nothing. I would say they should’ve gone back to Potomac if they really felt some sense of being violated. But due to my recent plight to escape Bethany, I know too well that the only way out of there is to walk and you only can get but so far in stilettos. I couldn’t even get an Uber to take the party girls back to the club. Ashley could’ve handled it differently. For a moment I thought she was going to do a Charrisse and tell us all to get the f--- out of her house. Lol. Note to Ashley: When faced with crazy, ignore it and do you. You can’t win an argument with irrational people who only listen to their own voices. What was going through your mind when Michael showed up to the drag show? Did you think it was inappropriate or could you understand Ashley’s side of it?

CJJ: Poor Ashley, I’m sure she thought hanging with this group of mature accomplished women would not have turned out this way considering her generous hospitality. Come on people! They are newlyweds and head over heels for each other and hate being away from each other for an extended period of time. I guess some of us forgot what it feels like to be young and in love. What do you think about Gizelle and Karen’s reaction?

CJJ: Finally, the first time in a long time we got a chance to get away from hearing the ongoing complaint competition between Karen and Gizelle and just have a good time. Yup! Good time interrupted by the Party Police only to return to the complaint department and serve yet another sentence under the wrath of Detective Huger and Sergeant Bryant. Gizelle shared a poop story, but apparently she still has diarrhea of the mouth. And let’s not forget the self-appointed etiquette queen Karen…Ashley gave you the best accommodations, treated you like the queen that you think you are and to show your appreciation you actually turned into Queen of the Mafia. Wow! I hope you at least sent her a thank you note.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo