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Ashley Darby Slams Karen Huger In Recent Bravo Blog: “There's A Big Difference Between Confidence And Delusion”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Ashley Darby talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Ashley Darby discusses her acceptance into the 'Wives' circle, her true feelings about Karen, and why she didn't kick Michael to the curb that night in Bethany.  Check it out below! Tell us about finding out the reason behind Robyn’s financial woes, keeping in mind your past tiff with her over Googling? 

Ashley Darby: The Sister Circle was a very fulfilling experience. It was a time for all of us to come together and be vulnerable with each other - something we as women are afraid to be at times. Karen shared her worry about her mother's Alzheimer's disease, Charrisse shed light on her marriage, and (though it wasn't shown) I opened up about being a victim of sexual abuse. We were all there to support each other as strong African American women. Robyn's story was heartbreaking and took me aback, but opening up about her financial woes and what happened in her past showed that she was comfortable enough to break down that barrier. My intention in Googling Robyn was never to make her feel shameful, but I am closer to Robyn than ever because we had that moment of openness. She has a tough exterior, but her heart is golden. Why did you ask Katie if anything deeper was going on? Did you imagine it would lead to things going so badly between Katie and Gizelle?  

AD: From the beginning of the trip, the tension between Gizelle and Katie was as tense as a stripper's thong! It was even worse at the Sister Circle when Gizelle called Katie stupid - who the hell wouldn't get offended by that. Based on her rock-solid facial expression, I could see Katie was feeling intimidated and unwelcome which is not something I want my guests to feel. I had to extend an invitation so that she understood this was a safe place to open her heart. In turn, Gizelle made a mockery of an intimate moment by insinuating Katie was on drugs. Completely uncalled for and ridiculously uncool. I was very proud of Katie for asserting herself and making it known that she didn't appreciate Gizelle's sideways comments. I learned very early on that you cannot be weak, or else you will be devoured. How did you feel after Gizelle told you that you’re ‘in’?

AD: Getting in good with the ladies of Potomac was one hell of a task, but, mama, I made it! Even though I've been called a hoe, teeny bopper,  gold digger - ALL OF THAT - I feel like these women have my back. Not to say we won't get it on and poppin' because we all think we're the bee's knees, but outsiders will be given the boot. Tell us about the ladies’ reactions to Michael showing up and the aftermath. Did it change your opinion of any of the ladies?

AD: These menopausal moments are killing me! Listen, Michael is a very thoughtful man who does not make any decision without thinking it through. After four days of bonding, the ladies were about to make their way back to Potomac. Michael knew it'd been a rough time for me with these bougie betties, so he thought it would be fun to host a party night at our home! Let's be real - these women are not the fun bunch. He also wanted to make it special by surprising me at one of our favorite bars, which I welcomed openly. As a happily married woman I will always get excited to see my man - I'm sorry if no one else can relate.

It baffled me that Karen became Ms. Conservative when she walks around with her areola on the verge of popping out. She's more likely to get a reaction from a drag queen than my husband - do you see who he's married to?! There's a big difference between confidence and delusion. While I thought I had a lot in common with Karen before, I learned that we are very different. I don't live my life according to image and false pretenses.

Through this whole trip, Robyn has been the realest and most fun person. We started off on rocky footing, but Robyn and I can party together anytime - she's a great beer pong partner :)

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo