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Susie McLean Shares Her Thoughts On RHOMelbourne Season 3 Premiere Episode And Weighs In On Shane Warne Rumors!

Susie McLean is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on the season three premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Susie McLean shares her thoughts on the other 'Wives and explains why she asked Lydia Schiavello about the Shane Warne affair rumors. Susie writes:

"It was a case of all my worlds colliding when I came onto the show. I had known most of the girls over variously long periods of time, but they were from completely different friendship groups. So much so, I feared our girl’s lunches would be like a G8 Summit. Eight totally dissimilar women trying to solve the problems of the world… one spray tan at a time.

I was though, looking forward to spending more time with the girls. Becoming closer to the ones I had known and getting to know the “new” ones. Admittedly, I did have my reservations that Lydia was amongst them. I have known her for over 30 years with many aborted attempts at friendship. It certainly didn’t help matters when I heard that Lydia was unhappy that I was coming onto the show. In fairness though, it must be really difficult with someone from your distant past coming on board.

Book club was fun and productive, but I think we managed to workshop everything but the book! The hot topic of the day though was definitely the texts that Janet had received from Warnie. I have known Shane Warne for many years and consider him a good friend. I also know him well enough that when he shoots off a text, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I think for him it’s become a form of entertainment… like playing Candy Crush. I was also asked for my take on the nature of Lydia’s relationship with Warnie. It was certainly something a lot of people were talking about in Melbourne and there had been some speculation in the press. My natural response was to think “where there is smoke there is fire”… Of course I didn’t know for sure, but rather than engage in the innuendo I thought I would just ask Lydia directly.

I had planned a baking day as I thought it would be a great way for all the girls to bond. I grew up in the country and I’m from a large Italian family, creating food together was in my experience, always inductive to a very nurturing and warm environment. In hindsight I don’t think that it translates as well in the city. So preparing for the baking day, I had these visions of twirling around in my apron, with animated bluebirds circling my head and friendly little creatures delivering the baking ingredients. There would be merriment, affection and laughter, lots of warm smiles and tilted heads, the glow of female bonding in a cloud of sifted flour. Well it all seemed to start off that way, but my vision quickly dissipated with the arrival of Lydia. The air quality seemed to change, like in the cabin of an aeroplane making a quick descent before it crashes. Within a couple of minutes Lydia and Janet were at each other’s throats. I thought I’d lighten the mood and broach the subject of Lydia’s recent trip to Lords. If there is one topic that usually has a calming effect, it’s cricket. I then asked about her relationship with Warnie and was totally taken aback by her response. To say her reaction was OTT, is a gross understatement. I assumed that Lydia had been asked this question many times before, but somehow coming from me, it evoked an almost savage response. I also thought her reaction to the news that Warnie had text Janet was, well borderline hysterical….

Things didn’t improve from there. A few of the girls adjourned to the front sitting room for a “quiet” chat. The screaming that was coming from the front of the house was so intense I was worried the vibrations would affect the egg whites and the pavlova wouldn’t rise! Insults were flying around the room and they were mind boggling… “black widow” and “” amongst my faves of the day. I had anticipated the word “sugar” to come up a few times on baking day, but not quite in that context.

After I closed the door to my guests that afternoon and was confident I wasn’t going to have a visit from the police over a noise disturbance violation, I took a moment to reflect on the day. I was quite literally in a state of shock. I did though come to the conclusion that if I’m to spend any more time with these ladies, I will have to grow a very thick, Hermès Birkin bag crocodile skin!… In natural tan, of course.

Susie xo"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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