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Robyn Dixon Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Juan!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Robyn Dixon talks about the previous episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon talks about moving out with her ex-husband Juan and what it was like keeping the peace between Gizelle and Charrisse. Check it out below! If you decided to move with Juan, would you want your relationship to change?

Robyn Dixon: I know that living with my ex-husband sounds crazy, but for right now, it’s best for our family. We truly function as a family. We take care of our boys together, attend events together, and share in the responsibilities at home. So when Juan informed me that he was considering a job in another state, my heart dropped. What would we do without him at home in Maryland with us? Or would the best decision be to move with him? It’s so important to me that my boys are around their father every day, so would I move to another state just so the boys could be with their dad, although we aren’t romantically in sync? This honestly is a very tough decision. But ultimately it would come down to the state of our relationship. If I were to move with Juan, our relationship would have to change and we would have to focus on each other. We would have to choose to be in a committed, romantic relationship in order for me to make such a big move and sacrifice. Family is everything, but so is my happiness! Tell us about selling your wedding dress.

RD: On July 30, 2005, I married my childhood sweetheart in a gorgeous $6,700 Justina McCaffrey wedding gown. Ever since my wedding day, that beautiful, expensive gown rested in a big, white cardboard box for 10 years, never to be worn again. How much more time needed to pass as this big box took up space in my house? I do not have any daughters, so the idea of passing the dress down was nonexistent. Besides, I’ve only known one person to ever wear their mother’s wedding dress anyway. After taking one last walk down the steps in my old wedding dress, the decision to sell was easy. Yes, the dress represented a big memory, but honestly, it no longer served a purpose. At this point in my life, the money made from selling the dress was far more valuable than the memories of my failed marriage! Did you feel in the middle of Charrisse and Gizelle at the whiskey tasting? Why did you try to keep the peace?

RD: Watching the friction between Gizelle and Charrisse was painful for me because I consider both of them to be my very good friends. I felt in the middle of their drama and did not want to have to remain in that position for long. I honestly couldn’t believe that the two of them were still at it at the whiskey tasting. Their issues seemed so trivial but yet had created so much tension. At some point, grown women have to say "enough is enough" and move on! But those two were not letting go and both wanted to be right and have the last word. It was obvious that they were going to let their beef continue until 2099! I chose to step in and urge them to move on because I simply couldn’t take listening to them bicker anymore! Thankfully, they kissed and made up and we can get back to having fun and enjoying each other’s friendship!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo