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RHOMelbourne Star Gina Liano Expands Her Beauty And Fashion Empire To Include Skin Care, Vitamins And New Jewelry Line!

Gina Liano is expanding her business and fashion empire. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star will be releasing her own line of skin care later this year, telling Daily Mail Australia that it was an obvious business opportunity. The Foxtel reality TV star revealed that she's been developing the upcoming skin care range with a doctor.

“The guy that we have for that [cream] is an oncologist from LA and he has worked with a lot of cancer patients, and he developed a range of vitamins that feed and nourish the cells and he is also an immunologist,” she said.

“When I first met him, he actually said to me that when people put a face cream on and they get that pink plump look that it's actually an inflammatory response to damage to the cells. So the cream that I'm working on is one that feeds the nutrition to the cells. It restores rather than plumps it up and then damages it.”

Her next project could involve launching a range of vitamins. However, the bronzed beauty said it was an idea and she didn't want to ‘overload’ herself.  While some would describe the beauty as overly ambitious, Gina says she does the projects because she wants to.

“It's actually a bit crazy isn't it,” she said. I think God always had a really busy life and I've always done a lot. I don't think I feel overly ambitious either. If I see something that I want to do and I just do it.”

Back in December, the mother-of-two launched her own jewelry line - which spans from rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

“It's just I love bling and so I've been thinking what can I offer the public that is consistent,” she confessed to DMA. “[I've been thinking about] the person that I am and the things that I love and jewelry is definitely apart of it.”

But selling her jewelry online isn't enough for the already busy mother-of-two.

She is in talks to sell her sparkly designs via home parties and believes 'it will be a great opportunity for women to earn money through a socialising revenue'.

“I think it's empowering for women,” she added. “A lot of women don't want to go back to work necessarily and something like this is fun.”

Outside of jewelry line, skin care and vitamins, the fashionista has released a self-titled fragrance and penned a best-selling autobiography called Fearless as well as her own line of bedazzled pumps and heels - which sell for a pricey $440 a pair on her official website, including a line of blinged-out clutches for $360-a-piece.

Photo Credit: Instagram