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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Newbie Susie McLean Opens Up About Her Feud With Lydia Schiavello!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne returns with Season 3 this Sunday, February 21 at 8.30pm on Arena along with newbie Susie McLean. In a recent interview with Foxtel Insider, the single mother-of-two opens up about her friendships, feuds and her experience on the hit reality series. Check it out!

INSIDER: What made you want to join the show & become a housewife?

SUSIE McLEAN: Firstly the timing was right. I knew most of the girls that were doing it and I was quite intrigued and thought that it would be an amazing experience, which it has been. It was a case of why wouldn’t you. I was very excited to do it.

INSIDER: Was filming what you expected it to be? Had you watched the last 2 seasons?

SUSIE: The process of the filming fascinated me. After a while I got so used to it that I forgot the cameras were there. In terms of interacting with the other women, it proved to be animated and the fair amount of issues arose. The confrontational side of things was perhaps far more than I expected. It is incredibly real, confronting and so intense. But mostly it was great fun and a unique experience.

INSIDER: Who were you friends with before you joined the show?

SUSIE: Chyka has been a dear friend for over 20 years and that has not changed one iota. She’s probably the one I’ve known the closest. Gina has a great sense of humour and is very bright. I’ve known her for about 10 years. I’ve got a lot of respect for her. I knew Janet for a few years too and I’ve known Lydia probably the longest around 30 years.

INSIDER: From the first couple of episodes, it’s quite clear you have some bad blood with Lydia – how did your relationship with her change over the course of filming?

SUSIE: Lydia and I have never really been friends. I think the drama started before filming began. I’d heard that she was really unhappy that I was coming to the show and was being very vocal about things such as, “I’ll tear her apart.” And I was thinking, okay then, let’s go!

There’s not a lot of trust there it has to be said. Things aren’t flash.

INSIDER: Did you have any preconceived opinions on the other girls before you started? And did it change?

SUSIE: I’ve become very close to Jackie and I wasn’t expecting too. She’s an amazing warm woman. I think it was fear based towards her psychic ability. I thought that it would make for a strange dynamic to have someone like that as a friend. A fear of the unknown if you will.

Having got to know her, she’s enthusiastic, driven and incredibly loyal.

Gamble I thought was fun but wasn’t sure if there was a hidden agenda with her loyalty to Gina.

Pettifleur, I thought would be easier to just flatter her, but there is more to it than that and can be overwhelming. We clashed on a few issues on occasion. She’s quite a nice person but is complex. But I feel that I identify with that complexity, coming from the country with an Italian background.

INSIDER: How would you describe season 3 in three words?

SUSIE: Heart-warming, confrontational and explosive.

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season 3 premieres this Sunday, February 21 at 8:30pm only on Arena

Source/Photo Credit: Foxtel