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Pettifleur Berenger: “Lydia Has Put A Bigger Wedge Between Gamble’s And My Friendship”

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on the season three premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger shares her thoughts on her 'dramatic' confrontation with Gamble Breaux. Pettifleur writes:

"When I met up with Lydia I was pretty cut up about the legal ramifications surrounding the book, caused by Gamble’s ignorant accusations, and wanted to lay it all on the line. I confided in Lydia about a few things that I had heard about Gamble. I had heard some gossip from a friend that Rick was on and there was a possibility that Gamble met him on that site. They deny it, but you can’t blame me for assuming that the pair met on the site considering Gamble has only dated wealthy men.

I was filthy with Gamble at this stage and named her ‘Black Widow’ – having to explain to Lydia in simple words what a black widow was. I was pretty surprised at Lydia’s failure to understand my gripe with Gamble as the last time I remember them both together they were tearing each other’s heads apart. Lydia shrugged her shoulders, dismissed my feelings and said, “If you are going to put something in your head and pre-assump something”… Lydia speaking gibberish again.

There was a totally different tone of viciousness in the conversation between Lydia and Gamble about Black Widow and compared to my own with Lydia. I can understand Gamble being pissed off because those comments were not for Gamble’s ears. It was just me venting to my friend. Lydia turned and was right up Gamble’s butt as she presented a totally misconstrued version of my prior grievances in the name of ‘mending’ Gamble’s and my own friendship. Who does that??? Not someone that wants to mend two people’s already fractured friendship – more like tear them further apart. What planet is Lydia on? What was she thinking? At this stage I am not upset with Gamble, but with Lydia for firstly backstabbing me and secondly tearing Gamble and I further apart. Lydia has put a bigger wedge between Gamble’s and my friendship.

Gamble – I hope I can penetrate your veil of confusion and assist you. I. Am. The. Sole. Author. Who. Owns. The. Title. Switch. The. Bitch. No other book exists in the world with this title. So why are you repeating like a parrot that my title is a rip-off? Google can relieve your confusion. I’ve had a gut-full of Gamble talking crap about my book and she dismissed the fact that I had gone through a tough time defending a fake legal letter from the States. Due to her continuous, ignorant comments, I was provoked to address her as “” – I’m actually blown away that that came out of my mouth but one can’t deny that it’s comedy gold. She went ape on me and I was okay to let her have her hissy-fit of foul-language and aggressive threats. Gamble has nothing on me; no one has anything on me. I have nothing to say other than I did not give her the satisfaction of getting me upset and I kept my dignity.

Pettifleur xo"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

Source/Photo Credit: Arena