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One Of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire Ladies Will Undergo Plastic Surgery On Season 3!

According to a new report, one of the Real Housewives of Cheshire ladies will undergo plastic surgery on the upcoming third season. According to The Sun, producers are planning to give one of the six socialites a genital revamping worth £3,000 ($4,176 USD) in a bid to boost ratings.

The procedure - known medically as a vaginoplasty - is "high on the agenda" as cameras prepare to follow the six businesswomen and socialites for the show's third series - but show bosses are prepared for viewer outrage, reports The Sun.

Experts say the 'painless' sprucing up session is perfect for those who have had a baby - and all six of the main cast are mothers.

Tanya Bardsley, wife of ex-Manchester United and Stoke City star Phil Bardsley, Dawn Ward, wife of ex-professional Ashley Ward, Leanne Brown, partner of ex-Man Utd and now Sunderland player Wes Brown, Magali Gorre, married to ex-Dutch footballer Dean Gorre, entrepreneur Ampika Pickston and businessman’s wife Lauren Simon.

“We have been in touch with some experts who offer this procedure and have asked them if in theory this could be a treatment we could film on the programme,” said an insider.

“We have assured them that due to the nature of the procedure we would obviously be sensitive to the way this was to be filmed.”

“It could well case a lot of controversy but to be fair this kind of cosmetic surgery isn’t uncommon in the circles that the girls in the series move.”

In my opinion, this 'storyline' sounds boring as hell. For one episode or two it will work but not for ten episodes. We want real conflicts and shade and please add an new housewife or two, because half the cast are not really bringing the drama to the show with the exception of Magali, Dawn and Ampika, they're doing an amazing job. It's not shade, it's just to truth.

Photo Credit: ITVBe