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NeNe Leakes Dishes On Her Feud With Wendy Williams And Clears Up Fashion Police Rumors!

NeNe Leakes is opening up about her beef with talk show host Wendy Willians as well as clearing up Fashion Police rumors. While the Real Housewives of Atlanta star denies any feud with her Fashion Police co-stars, seems like her beef with Williams remains the same.

"I’ve been on her show several times — all of a sudden she starts bashing me every single week. The one time I came back and let Wendell know that she was not going to be doing that — she all of a sudden starting having an issue with me and never spoke to or about me again, as far as I know," NeNe said during a recent interview with "If she spoke to me today, I would speak to her. I don’t hold a grudge. I want to support Wendy. It’s not in my heart to not support another successful Black woman, but that’s just how it is right now.”

NeNe also discussed the alleged drama that occurred between herself, Wendy, and Wendy's husband Kevin Hunter at the Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo last May. "They originally had our dressing rooms set up next door to each other and when I got there my glam told me her husband had my glam moved a room or two down away from Wendy’s room," NeNe explained. "It didn’t happen while I was there. I wasn’t there."

The situation escalated after the ladies took the stage to give their respective speeches. "When I got on stage to speak, I said' I’m not gon’ give you 10 rules to live by.' Wendy had opened up her speech with 'I’m gon’ give you 10 rules to live by,' and her husband felt I was shading her or being rude or whatever. And he was backstage cursing saying 'Get that motherf***ing bitch off the stage!'" NeNe said. "I didn’t hear him, but he was backstage cursing and my people heard him. The State Patrol that was securing the stage heard him. He was just going crazy from what I understand backstage and they escorted him out of the building. But, he later apologized through some other people."

NeNe said she never even interacted with Wendy or her husband that day, but she's still upset about how the whole situation went down. "It’s sad, because I would support her in a heartbeat. Like I would have no problem. That’s not my heart, That’s not who I am. Why would I not support this lady? What for?" NeNe said. "That’s not my heart. But apparently that’s her heart — to bash African American women in the business. That’s all I’ve seen her do when she opens up her show."

NeNe also elaborated on what it's been like working with her Fashion Police co-hosts. "What I do know is that I’ve been very kind to everyone on that set. That includes, Giuliana [Rancic], Melissa [Rivers], Brad [Goreski], Margaret [Cho] — now, I am not saying it has been reciprocated. What I AM saying is that I have been professional and kind to everyone," she explained.

She contended that she never behaves inappropriately on set. "[The producers] just put us there," NeNe said. "Whatever they tell us not to do, we don’t do. We’re scared to chew damn chewing gum — we don’t do sh**! It upsets me that I’m just coming on to this set — and I literally don’t do anything outside of my job — and for me to be blamed for anything upsets me."

NeNe defended her professionalism, saying that she wouldn't continue to get cast on shows like Glee, The New Normal, or Dancing with the Stars if she was so difficult to work with. "The fact that I keep getting these jobs says something," NeNe said. "People wouldn’t continue to work with me if I was as unprofessional as people make it seem.”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo